This BMW E30 3 Series uses the engine from a MIG-23 fighter aircraft

The E30 3 series was the second-generation of the BMW luxury sedan to hit the streets and was offered with a bevvy of four and six-cylinder engines. And while many have done crazy engine swaps with different E30 models including the M3, none are crazier than this one by a group of Russian mechanics who swapped the German engine for one used by the MIG-23 fighter jet.

However, the engine used by the BMW is not the Tumansky R29 rated at 123 kN used by the MIG-23 jet to propel itself to insane speeds. Instead, the engine is the Auxiliary Power Unit used to start up the massive Tumansky jet.

The auxiliary power unit of the engine measures in at 80cm in length and 25cm in diameter and weighs in at 80 kilograms. The engine’s power output isn’t that great at just 84 Hp but apparently kicks out 400 Nm of torque, which is rather impressive.

The Russian engineers seem to be having a hell of a time with the engine, and the little monster does seem to respond rather brilliantly as it shoots out flames like crazy when started up all the while sucking massive amounts of air into its tiny turbine, which creates an insane noise whenever the sedan is on the move.

The Russian engineers behind the crazy jet engine swap then decide to test out the top speed of the insane BMW E30 3 Series. They send it through the roads near their workshop on a top speed run and achieve the astounding top speed of 87 km/h. Disappointing though the top speed maybe it just shows the insane amount of torque the tiny jet engine sends to the wheels of the BMW.

Despite the disappointing top speed achieved by the E30 BMW, the Russians decided to celebrate their achievement by doing a burnout for over 3 minutes that how the fine art of smoking a tyre can be. While this BMW E30 3 Series, may not be the fastest engine swapped car around in the world but you have to admit that this is the craziest car that you would to add to your dream garage.