This crazy-looking 8 foot long motorcycle is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar [Video]

There are many workshops in India that specialises in motorcycle modifications. Some of these tastefully modified motorcycles have been featured on our website too. Mostly we have seen such modifications on Royal Enfield motorcycles. Here we have a video where a Bajaj Pulsar NS160 motorcycle has been modified into something very different. This modifications work has not been done by any workshop but by a vlogger.

The video has been uploaded by Nitin Umbaranikar on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger modifies a Pulsar NS160 motorcycle. According to the video, the bike belongs to vlogger’s uncle and this is not the first time, modification work has been done on this bike. The vlogger has already modified this motorcycle several times in the past. He once modified this motorcycle to look like a KTM RC motorcycle. He then restored the motorcycle back then decided to modify it again. This time he had planned to modify the motorcycle into something unique.

For this modification, he started by removing the body panels and swing arm. He also removes the silencer, fuel tank and wheels. He uses the original chassis of the bike and start making modifications based on the same. He made a new external body frame which has a width of 42 inches and a height is 3 inches. The original chassis of this motorcycle is 28 inch wide and 4.5 inches tall. He then attached this newly built frame to the swing arm of the motorcycle. Once he joins the wheels, he then starts working on mounting the engine and fuel tank to his newly built frame.

This crazy-looking 8 foot long motorcycle is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar [Video]

The motorcycle was modified into a low-slung cruiser-like motorcycle but, the design was very sporty. He had to make several changes to the motorcycle before finalising the seat height and position of the footrests. He even took the motorcycle out for a test the handling and suspension set up. As he wanted the motorcycle to offer a comfortable riding position, he installed a custom-made handlebar which was now very closer to the rider. He had to use a steering system as the front wheels were too far from the handle. The arms push the wheel left and right ensuring that the motorcycle turns.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 comes with disc brakes on both ends. As the wheelbase of the motorcycle had increased, the stock brake lines were not reaching the rear master cylinder. To solve this issue, he used a long narrow rod to connect to the rear master cylinder just like you see on the motorcycles that are equipped with drum brakes. The vlogger also combined two chains to make a long one and used a bicycle derailleur to keep the chain in the optimum position.

Once the mechanical part of the motorcycle was done, he worked on the body. Just like other panels, he fabricated these body panels in this garage and installed it on the bike. He rode the motorcycle after completing the project. It is definitely something different and will definitely attract lot of attention on the road. The overall cost of this modification was around Rs 20,000.