Meet This Modified Tata Nexon With 8-Speaker Audio Setup

The Tata Nexon features an impressive 8-speaker audio setup from Harman which makes listening to tunes on the go an enjoyable experience. However, American automotive audio experts Rockford Fosgate decided to turn one Nexon into a mobile showcase of their audio wizardry for cars.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon

This custom-built Tata Nexon that will be moving around and will be showcased at roadshows and dealers displays across the country.

Look at the custom Nexon from the outside and the only changes are the matte grey wrap and the Rockford Fosgate branding all around. Open the doors and the changes start to become more noticeable. First, the doors are heavier than usual, and the reason for that is evident once you fully open them.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 1

The door panels have been modified and now feature a loud black and red theme. The reason for the extra weight are the new speakers on the doors and the red housing for them.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 5

All four doors feature speakers, with the driver and front passenger units playing host to two T1659-S 6.5-inch speakers each, while the rear doors sport a single T1659-S unit while retaining the stock tweeter. The doors are also heavily damped to prevent sound from escaping out, which is another reason for the extra weight.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 6

Inside the A-Pillars feature custom housings for the two tweeters present on each side. All speakers and tweeters also feature white ambient light rings around them, which can be switched off or kept by the owners.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 7

However, the doors and the A-Pillars are not where all the fun stuff is happening. Open the Nexon’s boot and you’ll find an absolutely bonkers audio setup that would look at home in one of the Fast and Furious movies.

The boot of the Nexon plays host to two subwoofers, three 4-channel amplifiers, two power amplifiers and the DSR 1 Signal Processor. The two subwoofers are 12-inch Punch P3SD4-12 units. The T400X4AD power amplifier is a four-channel unit and is rated at 400 Watts. The DSR 1 Signal Processor features 4-channel RCA inputs, 4-channel high-level inputs, 18-pin analogue and 16-pin digital harness, a micro USB port for updates, an AUX RCA and SPDIF inputs, 245 bands of equalisation and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 4

An interesting feature about the ambient lighting for the sound equipment in the boot is that you can change the colour of the lighting.

What makes this audio setup even better is the fact that it can be connected directly to the Nexon’s stock head unit, meaning you can connect to this crazy boombox on wheels through Android Auto or Apple Carplay or by just mirroring your device and enjoy all your trippy hits when on the go. Also, next to the steering wheel is a dial to control the gain on the subwoofers along with a switch to control the ambient lighting.

Rockford Fosgate Nexon 3

The audio is not the only thing that has been changed on the inside though as the Nexon features custom seats that are lapped in black perforated leather and feature red contrast stitching.


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