This custom Hindustan Contessa is gorgeous Indian MUSCLE

The Hindustan Contessa is the closest our country has come to a Made-in-India muscle car in terms of looks. While most Contessas have been left to die at scrapyards, a few enthusiasts lovingly restore the car, and continue to drive it around. Some have even given the car a proper muscle car twist with some tasteful modifications. Here’s one of them.

Hindustan Contessa Custom 1

Faisal Sha of Kollam, Kerala, owns this beauty. A resto-mod that’ll turn more heads than modern cars, this Contessa has seen a full once over as far as cosmetics go.

Painted in matte grey, the car looks edgy. The first change that’ll strike you is the re-sculpted hood, which now shows off two prominent scoops. The front bumpers have made way for a cleaner face, which gets a revised grille.

Hindustan Contessa Custom 8

The horizontal slats on the custom grille add width to the car’s stance from up front. The headlamps are projector units with angel eyes while the rear sees blacked out tail lamps.

Hindustan Contessa Custom 7

Chrome stripes on the window line adds contrast. The dressy alloy wheels improve the stance of the car, and give it great poise. On the inside, the seats have been reupholstered while the roof has been modified to accommodate a sun roof.

Hindustan Contessa Custom 5

While the mechanicals remain untouched, a lot can be done given the platform’s simplicity. Given that the Contessa is a rear wheel driven car, an engine swap is just what this car needs to get its tail happily out. We’ve seen one such mod job on the Ambassador, and the results have been spectacular. A similar engine swap on this car will give it the go to match the show.

Images courtesy FaisalSha