This DC-Design modified Mahindra Bolero costs Rs 17.5 lakh!

The Mahindra Bolero has been the largest selling UV in the country since time immemorial. Thanks to its grunty engine, high ruggedness, fairly comfortable interior, and fair pricing, the Bolero manages to find thousands of takers every month. However, the Bolero is a fairly utilitarian vehicle and makes no bones about it. But what happens when it goes under the scalpel of India’s most popular car designer? Seen below is a modified Mahindra Bolero that has been done up by DC Design.

While we have seen many Bolero mods that try hard to mimic the legendary Mercedes G-Wagon, this modified Bolero establishes its own unique identity. The front-end of this Bolero makes it looking nothing like anything else on the road. The modifications make the front-end look a lot more rugged whilst becoming more modern and attractive. This Bolero has been given round headlamps and a new grille that has smaller slats. The bumper is also new and goes on to play a vital role in making the front-end more rugged. The hood gets a couple of handles.

The side profile also gets a handful of changes. The rub strips and the wheel arches have been given the body color. The wheels are also new and are shod with fatter rubber. The ORVMs are also new. The biggest highlight, however, is the blacked out window frame for rear-most windows. This gives the Bolero a more upmarket look. The rear-end gets new design taillamps and a new handle on each side of the tailgate. The interior doesn’t get any real cosmetic updates to speak of. The seats get new leather covers. Also, this Bolero has captain seats for all rows.

Overall, we feel that this modified Mahindra Bolero looks a lot more attractive than the regular version. The various minor updates it carries come together to inject a lot of freshness and attractiveness into the rather plain-jane looks of the standard Bolero. However, you need to pay quite a hefty sum for this Bolero. Priced at Rs 17.5 lakh, this modified Mahindra Bolero, in spite of having all that jazz, simply isn’t the money. Come to think of it, you can get a Jeep Compass for pretty much the same money. Of course, the Compass won’t feel exclusive as this Bolero but it’s a world-class vehicle that offers a lot more than the Bolero. You can even get a 4×4 variant by spending a bit more. There’s absolutely no doubt that this Bolero looks really attractive. However, we feel that it still can’t justify that stratospheric price tag. What’s your opinion?