This Ducati Panigale V4 is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle [Video]

In India, we have several workshops and garages that specialise in vehicle modification. We have featured many vehicles on our website that are neatly modified. When it comes to two-wheelers, Royal Enfield motorcycles are the most common motorcycle that is chosen for  such modifications. Some of the motorcycle are modified into replicas of Harley Davidson or from other expensive brand. Here we have one such video. In this video we have a Ducati Panigale V4 sports bike which is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by v3 _ valtor on YouTube. The vlogger shows a motorcycle that looks like a Ducati Panigale V4. The motorcycle looks extremely good and then the vlogger reveals that this is actually a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle that has been extremely modified. Vlogger shows modifications done on this motorcycle one after the other. The best part of this modification is that many of the work done on this motorcycle has been done by the owner himself.

He starts with the front. The front fairing of the motorcycle is a custom made unit. The fairing has been designed in a way that it looks similar to the original Panigale. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that except for the engine everything else on this motorcycle has been modified. The original front forks on this RS200 has been replaced with an upside-down unit from KTM RC390. The front alloy wheels and disc brakes are also from an RC390. The motorcycle gets two disc brakes at the front and they are functional.

This is a custom made setup which was done by a friend of the owner of this motorcycle who owns a garage. Coming to the side profile, the fairing completely covers the engine and it comes with Panigale graphics on it. A set of custom made winglets are also installed on the fairing. The handlebar on this motorcycle is again from a KTM RC390. The switchgear on this wide handle bar is similar to what is seen in Ducati originally.

This Ducati Panigale V4 is actually a modified Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle [Video]

The instrument cluster on this motorcycle is borrowed from a Bajaj Dominar 400. There is one unit to show the speed and other information and the next smaller unit is for the warning lights. The fuel tank remains the same as RS200 and it goes well with the overall design of the motorcycle. No changes have been made to the seat and the rear suspension. A transparent chain cover has been installed on this motorcycle to make it look like a Ducati.

The rear sub-frame of this motorcycle has been chopped off slightly to reduce the overall length. A custom made seat cowl and tail section can be seen here. The rear tail lamps are also custom made unit and they do not look exactly like the one seen on an original Ducati. The exhaust on this motorcycle is the stock unit used in RS200. However, the owner has done a good job of it. At first, the motorcycle looks like a Ducati only. It is only after you start noticing the details you realise that it is a replica. The work done on this motorcycle looks good especially when you consider the fact that most of the work was done by the owner only. It took almost 8-9 months to finish this project.