This Electric Vintage Car is made from parts of Maruti Alto and Royal Enfield Bullet [Video]

In the past, we have covered some electric vehicles that were made at home. Here, we have an electric car that you can buy and the manufacturer says that they can ship it anywhere globally. What is special about this car is that it is made up of parts from Maruti Alto 800 and Royal Enfield Bullet.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by HER GARAGE. The vehicle is made in Sirsa by Green Master. You should be able to buy it from anywhere. The manufacturer has used parts from Alto and Royal Enfield because their parts are easily available everywhere.

The car gets Royal Enfield keys. There are LED headlamps in the front which are basically aftermarket Aux lights. There are also pilot lights borrowed from Royal Enfield Bullet but instead of halogens, they are now fitted with LEDs. The rearview mirrors are also taken from Royal Enfield.

This Electric Vintage Car is made from parts of Maruti Alto and Royal Enfield Bullet [Video]

There is a front grille with an oval mesh pattern finished in chrome. On the sides, there are 19-inch alloy wheels which are basically after-market alloy wheels that you would find on Royal Enfield motorcycles. The tyre size is also the same as the motorcycle, it measures 110/90 R19. There are two cup holders mounted on the sides of the body. The design of the car has been patented by the manufacturer.

There are wheel arches that extend to form a side step just like we see on vintage vehicles. To protect the paint a chrome plate has been installed. On the rear, there is a spare tyre mounted which also gets the same alloy. The number plate is mounted in the centre of the spare tyre. The rear tail lamps are of the Bullet and there is a pipe placed vertically that looks like an antenna from far away. It can be used as a flag bearer. A trunk has also been installed at the rear that can work as a boot. So, you can store your stuff in there, it measures 70 litres.

The vehicle that we see in the video gets a two-seater configuration. There is also a four-seater configuration available, in it the rear seats face opposite and the storage space is under the seat. The four-seater version also does not come with a spare wheel. At the rear, there are drum brakes.  What’s interesting is that the vehicle has a ground clearance of a massive 400 mm.

Then the host climbs into the interior of the vehicle which is pretty basic. There is a three-spoke steering wheel. The horn is placed on a side stalk that also changes the drive mode of the vehicle and also turns on/off the headlamp. There is also an instrument cluster that shows the battery percentage in an analogue form and there is a digital readout that shows the voltage and speedometer. There is also a manual parking brake.

A MCB is placed under the dashboard to turn the main power on or off. The motor is of 1200 Watt capacity and it drives the rear wheels only, it produces 1.5 hp and 2.2 Nm of peak torque. But the vehicle weighs mere 280 kgs. The host does say that the vehicle is not road legal. The pricing starts from Rs. 1.45 lakhs.