This Ferrari supercar is actually a neatly modified rusty old Toyota sedan [Video]

We have come across numerous conversion and modification videos on the internet. While some conversions are executed with precision, others fail to impress. In our country, there are several garages specializing in transforming regular cars into supercars and sports cars. It’s not uncommon to witness Honda Civic and Accord sedans being converted into exotic vehicles like the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, and more. Unfortunately, many of these creations lack a polished finish. However, we recently stumbled upon a video that showcases a remarkable transformation. In the video, a rusty Toyota sedan is meticulously converted into a stunning Ferrari supercar.

The video has been uploaded by NHET TV on their YouTube channel. While we have previously showcased numerous conversion and modification works from India, this particular one does not originate from there. It is likely that this conversion took place in Vietnam or Thailand. The individuals involved in this project appear to possess significant expertise, evident from their previous successful modification endeavors. The process commences with the search for a donor car, and in this case, they acquired a dilapidated Toyota sedan equipped with a functioning engine and gearbox. However, aside from these components, all other body panels on the car were either missing or damaged.

The car is transported to the workshop and undergoes a complete stripping process. To transform it into a Ferrari supercar, they begin by focusing on the chassis. They procure metal pipes and skillfully fabricate them to form the frame. Despite acquiring the Toyota sedan, only the engine and gearbox are utilized for this project. Every other component of this homemade supercar is meticulously constructed from scratch. They employ a scaled model of the Ferrari La Ferrari as a reference to craft the chassis, ensuring precise measurements and even replicating the suspension system found in exotic cars, all crafted using metal pipes.

Once the frame is ready, they position the rear-mounted engine and install the Ferrari wheels. With everything meticulously in place, they disassemble the components and expertly weld them together. To prevent rusting, they apply a protective coat of primer. After completing these steps, they take the car out for a test run, and their impressions are overwhelmingly positive. Any minor issues detected with the frame during the test run are promptly addressed, and upon returning to the garage, they commence working on the body panels.

This Ferrari supercar is actually a neatly modified rusty old Toyota sedan [Video]
Toyota modified to look like Ferrari

They proceed to affix metal sheets onto the frame and subsequently apply modeling clay. Once the clay is evenly spread, they meticulously carve out the distinctive design of the Ferrari car. Taking great care, they refine the design until it reaches the desired outcome. Afterward, they begin the process of applying multiple layers of fiberglass sheets to these newly crafted panels. These sheets are securely bonded using resin, and once the resin has fully cured, they carefully extract the panels, removing the clay that was underneath.

The fiberglass panels are then thoroughly cleaned, and additional sheets are affixed to enhance their structural integrity. Following this, they initiate the process of cutting the sheets to create appropriate spaces for the doors, boot, and bonnet. They also utilize the same fiberglass sheets and metal pipes to fabricate the side mirrors (ORVMs), ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout the vehicle.

The team also crafted the headlamps in-house, utilizing resin. The LED DRLs and projector headlamps were faithfully recreated, mirroring the appearance of an authentic Ferrari. They took great care in ensuring the exhaust system was custom-made, tailored specifically for this project. Additionally, the car’s interior, including the dashboard, steering wheel, and bucket seats, was meticulously crafted to suit their vision.

Once all the panels, including the bumper, splitter, and diffuser, were finalized, the vehicle was taken to the paint booth. There, it received a striking dual-tone finish in shades of Pink and Black. Undoubtedly, this replica stands out as one of the most visually impressive Ferrari replicas available online. The proportions, appearance, and overall design closely resemble that of an original Ferrari, making it an extraordinary accomplishment.

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