This Ford 3600 tractor parked on a rooftop in Rajasthan is not a replica [Video]

In the past, we have seen several videos of people building replica and installing them on the roof top. People show there love for vehicles in different manner and this is one such. We had featured a story on our website in the past were the owner had designed a water tank on top of his house which looked like a Mahindra Scorpio. In other story the owner had constructed chimney which looked like a Maruti Swift hatchback. In all these stories, the owner had installed replicas constructed used concrete mixture and other materials. Here we have another video where the owner got an actual tractor installed on his house’s rooftop.

The video has been uploaded by TRACTOR FANS on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking to the owner of the house. The house seen in the video is located in Rajasthan’s Ganganagar which is the northernmost city of the state. The owner of this house is actually settled in United States of America and he wanted to do something like this for a very long time. He mentions that his family does farming in the region and have been associated in this field for a very long time. He mentions that by installing an actual tractor on the roof top he has realised a 30 year old dream and his happiness is clearly visible on his face in the video.

The tractor was first modified by a garage nearby. The tractor used here is a Ford 3600 which is a 2WD utility tractor. The tractor is powered by a 2.9 litre diesel engine that generates 48 PS and 183 Nm of peak torque. This tractor uses a naturally aspirated diesel engine. He got the tractor repainted in its signature Blue shade. Other than this, the owner also wanted the tractor to look different. In parts of Punjab and Rajasthan, people often modify their tractors with high-end music systems. They even organise shows where they display such modified tractors in Punjab.

This Ford 3600 tractor parked on a rooftop in Rajasthan is not a replica [Video]

The owner of this Ford 3600 also did something like this and installed a high-end speaker system in it. We are not sure whether the tractor will be covered as the quality of paint and the electricals will degrade if it is continuously exposed to harsh sun, dust and rain. The owner does not mention whether the speakers installed on this tractor are water proof or not. The tractor is fully functional and one cool feature that it now gets is a remote key start. The tractor can be started using a remote key from a distant. The owner demonstrates the same in video as well.

Once the work on the tractor was finished. It was brought to his house and getting it up on the roof was the most challenging part. A platform was build on the roof which is made from metal bars. This is like a raised platform specially designed for displaying the tractor. Cranes was then called in and it was slowly lifted from the ground. Once the tractor was placed on the platform, it was secured using metal bars so that the tractor does not roll away from platform.