This gold-plated Royal Enfield Classic looks dope

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modified motorcycles in India. They are modified to get various different forms, sizes and looks. Here is a Royal Enfield from Goa that gets a unique modification job. It gets the gold-plated body that makes it head-turner on the road.

This gold-plated Royal Enfield Classic looks dope

The motorcycle was spotted on the Goan roads. Underneath the gold colour is a Royal Enfield Classic is a Royal Enfield Classic. The gold paint can be seen everywhere on the bike starting from the headlamp to the suspension and even the wheels. The wheel spokes are also gold in colour.

Only a part of the engine and the seat have been left from the gold shroud. Even the engine covers get a gold treatment. It does not look like a wrap job as the parts like the front shock absorber and the engine cover can be seen in gold colour too.

A wrap would not last long on such parts. The spoked rims are clearly painted. Parts like the disc brake and the handlebars also receive the gold treatment. Even the logo of the Royal Enfield has been engulfed in the gold colour. Changing to the gold colour is quite common in the middle east where expensive vehicles get pure gold plated transformation jobs. However, in India, only a few such jobs have been seen in the past.

Even the saree guard has been painted in gold. The only modification that we can figure from the picture is the aftermarket headlamp unit that gets multiple LEDs. Everything else seems like stock in the bike. It seems like the motorcycle has been painted very skillfully by some garage and it looks beautiful in the attire.

The Royal Enfield Classic is a retro-looking motorcycle that is extremely popular in the market. The model is the best selling above the 250cc segment and gets a large number of customers every month. The retro looks of the bike attract a lot of customers while the iconic thump of the bike has a cult following.

Even though this bike seems repainted, it should be noted that changing the original colour of any vehicle is illegal in India. The colour of the vehicle should match the description on the Registration Certificate of the bike. Changing the original colour needs to be endorsed on the registration certificate of the vehicle. Even modern dual tone colours on the cars are mentioned in the registration certificate as dual tone colours.

However, a much easier way of changing the original colour and give a new look to the vehicles is to wrap the product. Wrapping is technically not changing the original colour of the vehicle, which means it is legal. Wrapping protects the original paint of the vehicle while adding a new look to the vehicle. Wrapping is also much easier than changing the whole colour of the vehicle.

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