This hand-made mini Willys jeep actually runs on electric power [Video]

We have several workshops in different parts of the country who excell at making miniature working models of normal size vehicles. Some of them have been featured on our website as well. One of the popular maker of mini cars and bikes is Rakesh Babu from Kerala. It looks like this trend has spread to other parts of the country and now we are starting to see more videos of miniature car models on internet than ever before. Here we have a video where a workshop has actualy built a mini Willys electric Jeep.

The video has been uploaded by Raj Rajotia on his YouTube channel. The video talks how this mini Willys Jeep was made. This is a jeep that was made from scratch and the workshop who build this is ready to make more them as per order. The video mentions that the Jeep uses metal sheets on the build the body completely. The SUV is completely design to look like a Willys Jeep. The front grille of the SUV is actually made from metal sheets and the maker of the miniature car mentions that the jeep is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

The bonnet and most of the panels on the Jeep are hand made and that is what makes it special. the front bumper on this SUV is also a metal custom made unit which comes with D shackles and horn are mounted on the bumper. the fenders on this SUV are custom made units and they come with turn indicators mouted on them. This is an open top jeep and it can seat 4 people at max. The lights used on this SUV are all LEDs and the wheels are alloys. These are alloy wheels from Plati brand and it is wrapped with unbranded tractor like tyres.

This hand-made mini Willys jeep actually runs on electric power [Video]

The video mentions that the wheel size, design and the tyre brand of the jeep can be changed as per customer request. The price for the changes would take the price up or bring down. Just like many electric cars, this electric jeep also has a no gears. The jeep can move forward and can go in reverse. It is powered by a 1000 watts electric motor and the controller panels for the same is placed inside the cabin. The jeep can be charged from any domestic power plug and it offers a range of 80 km on full charge. It can even go up to 100 km if there is only person in the car.

The mini Willys has a top speed of 40 kmph which is sufficient for a small jeep like this. The seats on this car have been borrowed from some other vehicle and they are adjustable and can be reclined. For the rear passengers, it gets a custom made bench seats like we have seen in bigger jeeps. Batteries have been placed under the bonnet and this along with the electric motor can be customised as per customer’s request. If you want to buy this Jeep, you would have spend around Rs 2.65 lakh for this Jeep replica and depending on the battery pack and the motor, the price would go up.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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