This heavily modified Toyota Innova 4X4 MPV looks more capable than Fortuner [Video]

SUVs and pickups equipped with suspension lift kits and off-road tires are a common sight for many of us. However, we often come across instances where regular vehicles undergo similar modifications to give them an off-road-ready appearance or simply to attract public attention. One recent example we encountered is this off-road-ready version of the first-generation Toyota Innova.


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Owned by a young businessman named Deepraj Chari, this monster truck based on a Toyota Innova has garnered attention through pictures and videos shared on his social media channels. The vehicle has undergone extensive modifications, instantly making it stand out on public roads. The body of the Innova has been customized, featuring a three-door layout instead of the standard five-door configuration found in MPVs worldwide.

Painted in a beige shade, this Toyota Innova monster truck is equipped with larger off-road tires boasting aggressive tread patterns, mounted on black alloy wheels. To enhance its off-road capabilities, the vehicle has been fitted with a suspension lift kit. It also features off-road-ready front and rear bumpers with tapered sides for improved obstacle protection, along with tubular protection.

This heavily modified Toyota Innova 4X4 MPV looks more capable than Fortuner [Video]

Additional enhancements seen on Deepraj Chari’s customized Toyota Innova monster truck include side footsteps, LED fog lamps, Hella auxiliary lamps at the front, and a tailgate-mounted spare off-road tire and wheel. While Deepraj has shared pictures and videos of his heavily-customized Toyota Innova on social media, he has not disclosed the brands or specifications of the components used in the customization project.

Also owns a monster Maruti 800

This is not the first time Deepraj has showcased a heavily-customized off-road monster truck on his social media accounts. He has previously worked on a monster truck project based on a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. While that particular monster truck utilized mechanical components from a Gypsy, it sported the body of a Maruti 800, making it an even more eye-catching creation. Like the Innova monster truck, the off-road-ready Maruti 800 underwent similar modifications, including off-road tires and a suspension lift kit.

Although this Toyota Innova monster truck project is impressive and capable of conquering off-road terrains, it’s important to note that heavily-modified vehicles like this are not legally permitted for use on public roads. Such vehicles are only allowed to be driven in enclosed premises or designated areas.

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