This Hindustan Ambassador Limousine looks royal [Video]

Hindustan Ambassador had one of the longest runs in the Indian market. The timeless design of the Ambassador and its solid build quality with spacious cabin kept it alive for decades. The sedan was used by the politicians and high profile people and it became a status symbol for many. At the present time, there are quite a handful of Hindustan Ambassador sedans are present in the market and many of them are modified look extremely good. Here is one such modified Hindustan Ambassador that has been stretched and converted into a limousine. Here are all the details.

This is a modified Hindustan Ambassador based in Madhya Pradesh and has been modified tastefully. The video of the car has been shared by Retro Classics India and it shows the car from the outside and the inside. The Hindustan Ambassador seen here has been stretched by a few metres. As many of know, the Hindustan Ambassador is based on a monocoque chassis and was way ahead of its time. Converting a car with monocoque chassis can be a tricky task but the modification garage here did a perfect job.

It now gets a new paint scheme and there is body cladding all around that adds a rugged look to the car. This Hindustan Ambassador sure looks much better and modern. The modder has added alloy wheels and has also added a new moniker on the bonnet to add a luxury look. From the outside, this limousine keeps the Hindustan Ambassador DNA alive while offering a modern look.

This Hindustan Ambassador Limousine looks royal [Video]

A lot of changes have been done to the cabin of the car too. To start with, the cabin is now in all red colour and gets a red velvet upholstery to give a luxurious feel and touch. The rear of the vehicle now gets four captain seats facing each other. There are panels between the seats that have a big screen installed with a stereo system and a DVD player. It is not as advanced as the modern limousines but it sure does the job.

There are no engine modifications done to this car. It is the Ambassador 1800 model that gets powered by a 1,871cc petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 75 PS and peak torque of 130 Nm. It gets a 5-speed manual transmission. The Ambassador is a solid car and can last for years if proper care is given to the vehicle. While we are not sure about the exact location of this car, you can always contact the person who uploaded this video and get to know more about it. It should be noted that structural changes like this are illegal in India. Modified cars such as this one can get seized by the cops.