This Honda Activa to Scoopy conversion is retro-cool

The Honda Activa is India’s most popular scooter. Anywhere you look on the road, you will be able to spot a stock Activa passing by. However, the Activa seen below has been converted to look like a Scoopy, and is one of the coolest scooters you will see on the road today.

Honda Activa Scoopy Conversion 1


The Activa to Scoopy conversion is the work of Pune-based journalist Vishal Joshi and is the essence of retro-cool. Joshi’s converted the Activa to look like the Scoopy by removing the former’s headlamp assembly unit. The Activa’s old headlight has been replaced by a large circular headlamp that looks comically large on the front end of the scooter. It seems to have been reinforced to deal with the addition of the large light unit.

Honda Activa Scoopy Conversion 2


Other changes on this Activa-to-Scoopy conversion are the new dials and indicators. The new two-dial setup looks like it would be at home in the 80s with one showing the scooter’s fuel levels while the other featuring a speedometer along with an odometer and what appears to be a trip meter.

Honda Activa Scoopy Conversion 3


The new turn signals are something you would miss if you didn’t look closely at this Activa-to-Scoopy conversion. The new turn signals are placed on the edges of the grips on either end of the handlebar and look to be quite bright when turned on. The left side of the handlebar also features all the switchgear for the lights and the horn while the right side isn’t that busy and only has the switch for the engine’s electric starter motor.

Honda Activa Scoopy Conversion 4


The other major cosmetic change on this Activa-to-Scoopy retro mod is the new seat, which is now upholstered in brown leather and features white contrast stitching that gives it a rather premium look.

Honda Activa Scoopy Conversion 5


Mechanically there have been no changes made to this converted Scoopy’s engine. It retains the Activa’s 109.2-cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, which produces 8 Bhp @ 7,500 rpm and 8.74 Nm of torque @ 5,500 rpm. The engine is mated to Honda’s V-Matic automatic gearbox.