This Honda City wants to be a Lamborghini! [Video]

Honda City Lambo Doors Featured

How else do you explain the sharp-looking scissor doors on this modified Honda City, and of course the matte orange paint scheme that seems borrowed straight from the Lamborghini Aventador. The work of an enthusiast, this modified Honda City is a third generation example. Apart from the modifications on the outside, the interiors also get a big splatter of orange everywhere. Dive right into the video we’ve lined up for you, and check out this modified Honda City, inside out!

As the video indicates, the car gets a slew of other changes. The roof gets a contrast black paint scheme while  there’s a boot spoiler at the rear. There’s a new custom muffler that gives the car a fruity exhaust note but apart  from this change, the engine and other key mechanicals is bone stock.

The motor in question is the silky smooth 1.5 liter i-VTEC unit with 117 Bhp of peak power and 145 Nm of peak torque on offer. The gearbox is a five speed manual. Notably, Honda used to offer a 5 speed torque converter automatic gearbox as an option with this engine.

Other changes on the outside include a custom number plate, front disc calipers and the rear drums finished in red  paint, smoked headlamps and tail lamps, and custom LED DRLs up front. For those interested in this kind of Honda  City, the cost of modifications come to under Rs. 2 lakhs, which is quite affordable indeed.

The Honda City of this generation is currently selling for around Rs. 3-4 lakh in used car markets of Delhi and  Mumbai. For about Rs. 5-6 lakhs (including a long list of modifications), a Honda City that will turn heads on the  roads is guaranteed.

Currently, Honda sells the 4th generation City in the Indian market. The car uses the same petrol engine as the one  detailed above but gets a CVT automatic gearbox option in addition to the 5 speed manual. Also, for the first time in  the Honda City’s history, a diesel engine is available. The 1.5 liter i-DTEC turbocharged diesel engine makes 98.6  Bhp-200 Nm, and is paired to a 6 speed manual gearbox.

In 2020, Honda is expected to bring in the 5th generation City sedan to India. The 5th-gen model will get a slew of  changes in terms of design, and also mechanicals. The car is expected to host a petrol-hybrid powertrain  internationally, and the diesel motor is likely to be dumped in the face of tightening emission norms. Notably, India  is likely to get a mild-hybrid petrol engine for the Indian market and a full hybrid for international markets.