Honda Navi, the funky Activa based moped was launched in India sometime back. The NAVi was first showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo and with it, a series of customised options were unveiled too. Recently, Honda held a NAVi Customisation championship and people started showing their full creativity with some really cool, modded versions.

Here is one such customisation that looks like a miniature Royal Enfield Himalayan. The Navi based customisation job has been done to make it touring friendly. The scooter now gets a new headlamp with a visor. The round headlamp with yellow tint makes it look like the Royal Enfield Himalayan from many angles. The front tyre has also been upgraded to the new spoked rim, which is much larger in size than the stock tyre. The front suspension has been upgraded to new upside down types that get a very striking golden coating.

This NAVi also gets a high-mounted front fender, which again looks inspired by the Himalayan and goes with the whole set-up very nicely. The handlebar has been upgraded to a new, higher one. The rider sits more upright with the new set-up, which helps in riding long distance. The modification job has also given an extra lamp to the NAVi, which is mounted just above the front number plate.

That’s not all. Even the rear receives changes. The exhaust has been updated to a new Leo Vince exhaust. We are not sure if it is the original Leo Vince. We are also not sure about how the NAVi sounds now with the new set-up. The rear suspension and tyre remain stock. The front and rear drum brakes remain the same and the scooter-motorcycle hybrid looks super cool in its new avatar.

Due to the small size of the fuel tank, there is also a red coloured jerrycan mounted on the back of the moped. It will help the rider to quickly refuel on the go on the highways, where fuel pumps are scarce. The engine remains stock. It gets powered by the same 109.2cc Activa engine that produces a maximum power of 7.83 Bhp and 8.96 Nm of torque. It gets a CVT automatic transmission.

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