This Hyundai Creta seriously WANTS to be a Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover rules many dreams but is out of the budget of most. People often try to put logos of exotic vehicles to make it look like a high-end car. Here is a Hyundai Creta that is trying hard to be a Land Rover Range Rover.

This Hyundai Creta from Kerala gets many visual changes that mimic the Range Rover design. The front grille has been replaced with a new one. The new grille is similar to the ones seen on the modern Land Rovers and also gets an off-set logo, similar to the original Land Rover SUVs. The Range Rover moniker has been planted on the top of the grille on the boot lid. Again, this is a signature of Land Rover cars. The two changes make the Creta look different from the stock vehicle.

Other changes made to the front are new headlamps with angel eye DRL and new LED fog lamps. The other parts like bumper and the skid plate remain identical to the stock version of the vehicle. The sides of the vehicle get the new fake air intake openings, which is similar to the Land Rover vehicles. The alloy wheels have been upgraded too and are now black in colour with low profile tyres.

The rear of the vehicle has been changed dramatically too. All the factory fitted Hyundai logos have been removed and new Land Rover logos have been added. The same Range Rover lettering can also be seen on the rear. The tail lamps have been blacked-out to give a sportier look.

We are not sure which variant of the Creta has been used for this transformation. Also, there is no information on the engine changes, if any. The modification looks completely visual and will act as an ego massager for the owner. While the vehicle is easily identifiable as a Hyundai and not a Land Rover, such modification does attract a lot of looks from people.

Source: GAFU Edits