Modified Maruti Zen From 360 Motoring Calicut evokes nostalgia

This immaculately maintained jelly-bean Maruti Zen evokes nostalgia

Let’s admit it, most of us car aficionados have dreamt of owning (and even modifying) the Maruti Zen at some point in our lives. The original Zen was launched in 1993 and remained in production till 2006. While it’s been 12 long years since the demise of this ‘jelly-bean-shaped’ car, there are still many enthusiasts who use a prepped-up Zen on a daily basis. One such modified Maruti Zen is this black beauty that recently got a ceramic coating to protect its fresh paint.

modified maruti zen images front

Done up by 360 Motoring Calicut, this Zen is a 2003 model in the top-end VXi trim. The good folks at 360 Motoring have given this li’l hatch some minor performance upgrades in the form of a performance air intake and headers. It may be noted here that the Maruti Zen came with a very peppy G10, four-cylinder petrol engine that won plenty of accolades for being an eager performer. The all-aluminium 993-cc motor produced 60.9 PS and 78.8 Nm. This was enough to make the 765 kgs car fairly quick off the block. Moreover, the hydraulic power steering offered enough feedback and made this car an absolute hoot to drive. The modified Maruti Zen seen above comes with a set of stylish 13-inch alloy wheels that further enhance the looks of this car. There’s also a high-mounted red LED strip that works as the third stop lamp.

modified maruti zen images side

On the inside, the car gets black upholstery with red stitching. It also gets custom headrests for the front bucket seats and the rear bench seat. Going by whatever details we could dig out from the customiser’s Facebook page, it looks like this car was done up back in February this year. However, the ceramic coating for paint protection seems to have been applied only recently.

modified maruti zen images rear

While more details on this modified Maruti Zen aren’t available at the moment, we really can’t stop drooling over these images. This one has to be the most well-maintained examples of the original Maruti Zen we’ve seen in recent times.

Images – Ceramics Pro Calicut on Facebook