This Indian billionaire has the country’s FASTEST car

Gautam Singhania is a massive car nut. He not only has a lot of exotics, but he also has purpose built cars for drifting and drag racing as well. Now, he has gotten himself the Aventador SV, which currently is the fastest car owned by anyone in the country.

What is the SV all about?

This Indian billionaire has the country’s FASTEST car

Lamborghini makes light weight and more powerful variants of their flagship cars and call them the SV. The SV, stands for ‘Super Veloce’, which means super fast. The SV is based on the Aventador, however it is a limited edition model. There are only 600 coupes that are present in the world and India has only 1 coupe and 1 roadster, this being the second coupe. Mr. Singhania has brought this car here on CARNET, from the UK.

The SV is powered by the same 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 that powers the Aventador. However power has been upped to 740 Bhp from the previous 690. The max torque figures remain the same, at 690 Nm. Also, the SV is 50 kgs lighter than the normal Aventador, which makes it do the 0-100 dash in a brisk 2.8 seconds, about 0.1 seconds faster than the normal Aventador. Going flat out, it can pass the 350 kmph mark.

Any other changes?

Lamborghini introduced the pushrod suspension with the Aventador. For the SV, they added an adaptive Magneto Rheological unit, which responds immediately to the changes in the road surface, to improve damping. In addition to this, the company has fitted the SV with an electromechanical dynamic steering, which helps to make the car handle better.

This Indian billionaire has the country’s FASTEST car

The weight shedding happened due to the addition of carbon fibre and aluminium components, like on the door, the fender and the fixed air intakes. The other thing that is special to the SV is the massive rear wing, which helps inprove downforce and gives the car a cool look. The SV is also shod with 20 inch rims at the front and 21 inch forged rims at the back, finished in matte black. The car comes fitted with Pirelli P Zero Corsa sport tyres and has carbon ceramic brakes as standard.

This Indian billionaire has the country’s FASTEST car

On the inside, you now have a special carbon skin interior trim, which helps to keep weight low. The car also has a new TFT screen instrument cluster which is dominated by a yellow shade. The cluster also houses a G-force meter. While the SV was never officially sold in the country (being a limited edition model), the one that was sold in the country went for about Rs 8 crores, ex-showroom.

Other Singhania cars?

This Indian billionaire has the country’s FASTEST car

Mr. Singhania recently purchased a 488 in India. He also has a lot of other super cars in his garage. He has a drift special BMW M3, a 1000+ Bhp Skyline, a La Ferrari (one he had brought for the Parx show) and many more. He also owns the 458 Challenge race car, which he has raced with in the 2015 Ferrari Challenge series, where he finished in second place. He’s got taste.

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