This Indian businessman just spent 106 Crore rupees on 2 fancy numbers for his Rolls Royces

Last month, an Indian business man from Dubai was in the news for having bought a license plate for 33 million Dirham (currency of UAE), which equates to Rs 60.90 crores. This however is not the end of it though. Last year around, he spent 25 million Dirham on another number plate which had the number 09. To sum up, Balwinder Sahni has paid a total of Rs 106 crores just to get two license plates for his cars.

The reason?

9 is a lucky number for the businessman and he thus wanted his number plates to read the same. Thus D5 (D, being the fourth alphabet) adds up to 9. Personal number plates are very expensive in Dubai, especially those that contain single digits. In order to get this ‘D 5’ number plate, he had to outbid  300 other bidders. According to sources, the sale at Rs 60 crores happens to be among the biggest amounts spent in the history of RTA number auctioning, which happens to make it one of the most expensive number plates bought in the world. The record for that is held by a business man who bought a number plate bearing the number 1 for a massive 52 million Dirham, back in 2008.This Indian businessman just spent 106 Crore rupees on 2 fancy numbers for his Rolls RoycesPersonalized plates have always been in demand for a long time, even in India. There are instances where people have paid lakhs and lakhs of money for a number plate in India as well, especially for the 0001 number.

The cars?

When you have that kind of money to spend on number plates, they surely won’t be on small cars now, will they. Mr. Sahni owns a lot of high-end vehicles, however these 2 number plates were chosen for his fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms. He has 2 of them, one being the all new Series-II Phantom and the other being the older first generation vehicle. The Phantom is the most luxurious vehicle on sale across the world. In India, the Phantom happens to be the most expensive car on sale as well.

What does he do?

Mr. Sahni is a major realtor who has been developing parts of UAE and operates in the international market as well. He is also the owner of RSG international, a property management company that operates across the globe, specializing in UAE, Kuwait, India and the US.

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