This Indian city tops ‘World’s most stressful city to drive in’ survey: Delhi also in the list

Recently, a UK car-sharing company called Hiyacar conducted a survey. The survey ranked 36 world’s most populated cities that were most challenging for the drivers. The survey revealed that Mumbai is the most stressful city to drive while Delhi, which is the national capital of India and Bengaluru is also on the list.

This Indian city tops ‘World’s most stressful city to drive in’ survey: Delhi also in the list

There were many factors that are associated with the survey. The factors into consideration are the severity of traffic congestion, numbers of cars per capita, public transportation options, the total number of vehicles in the city, the quality of the roads, city density and number of traffic accidents per year.

A score was given to every city. The maximum score that a city can get was 10. Mumbai scored 7.4 on the list while Delhi scored 5.9 on the list. Bengaluru has a score of 4.7 and is ranked 11 on the list. The least stressful city to drive a vehicle in was Peru’s capital city Lima. It scored only 2.1 on the list.

Traffic increases in Mumbai

This Indian city tops ‘World’s most stressful city to drive in’ survey: Delhi also in the list

Because of heavy rains in Mumbai, Palgarh and Thane the traffic has increased and in many areas. Reports of heavy traffic jams have been reported in Mumbai in the past 24 hours. Many roads have been waterlogged because of which local buses were rerouted. However, now the routes have been restored.

Nitin Gadkari inspects Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

A new expressway between Delhi and Mumbai is under construction. It started on 9th March 2019 and is expected to get completed by January 2023. Recently, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways in the Government of India inspected the new expressway. The new expressway would cut down the distance between Delhi and Mumbai by 280 km.

This Indian city tops ‘World’s most stressful city to drive in’ survey: Delhi also in the list

Nitin Gadkari himself tested a closed section of road by clocking 170 kmph on a Kia Carnival premium MPV. The new expressway will also connect to other states like Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat. He also said that people would need to pay for good services like infrastructure and good roads.  The minister says that the Delhi-Mumbai expressway would be able to fetch at least Rs 1,000-1,500 Crores as toll revenues every month.

The expressway aims to reduce travel times by a significant margin. According to the minister, the time to reach Chandigarh from Delhi will be just two hours, Delhi to Katra for Vaishno Devi will take just six hours, you would be able to reach Amritsar within four hours and travelling time from Delhi to Dehradun will be just two hours.

The construction of the expressway should cost Rs. 98,000 Crores. 1,200 km stretch of road is still pending and is under construction. The Delhi-Mumbai expressway will have eight lanes and has a median at 21 metres. In the future when the traffic increases, the lanes can be increased to 12 from 8. As of now, the Delhi-Meerut Expressway has been opened partially for the general public. Nitin Gadkari said that it will be opened fully next month when he will be inaugurating the highway.





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