This is how Rata Tata reacted when he was humiliated by Ford [Video]

Tata Motors is currently one of the leading car manufacturer in India. Like any car manufacturer, Tata also went through a bad phase. The phase was so bad that Tata Motors even thought of selling off their passenger car business to American car manufacturer Ford. In 1999, when Tata had Indica hatchback as their flagship model things were different. Tata was not making much profit by selling the car and had finally decided to sell it off. Here we have a video that share how Ratan Tata reacted to Bill Ford when he was humiliated in one of their meetings in 1999.

The video was shared by businessman Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises on his Twitter account. When Ratan Tata and his team flew to United States to meet Ford,  the then chairman of the brand Bill Ford humiliated Ratan Tata in front of his team and asked why did he venture into the passenger car business when he does not know anything about it. Bill Ford also told him that Ford is doing a favour on Tata by buying the passenger car division from them. As per the post, Ratan Tata did not say anything in the meeting and flew back to India the same day with his team.

He had by then decided that, he does not want to sell Tata Motors passenger car division to Ford and then started working on improving things. He started focusing more on the car division and soon he started seeing results. More new models from Tata started arriving in the market and within no time, Tata Motors became a very recognisable brand among Indian customers and around the world. Tata Motors became one of the popular brands in India by 2008. On the other hand, Ford had started struggling to make profit from their sales.

This is how Rata Tata reacted when he was humiliated by Ford [Video]
Ratan Tata after buying Jaguar-Land Rover from Ford

In 2008, Ratan Tata offered to buy Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford. These were Ford’s worst selling cars and were not getting them any profit. Bill Ford, chairman of Ford, then flew with his team to India to meet Ratan Tata. In the meeting Bill Ford said, Mr. Tata is doing a big favour on Ford by buying the Jaguar and Land Rover brand. After the brand were aquired by Tata, Land Rover and Jaguar as a brand are doing pretty well in India and around the world. Along with that, Tata Motors is one of the largest car manufacturer in the world.

This is how Rata Tata reacted when he was humiliated by Ford [Video]
Ford has now officially exited India!

Ford faced several issues in Indian market and they finally left Indian market last year. Tata also signed a MoU with government of Gujarat for a potential acquisition of Ford India Pvt. Ltd’s Sanand vehicle manufacturing facility. Ratan Tata could have easily humiliated Mr. Bill Ford when he visited him in Mumbai back in 2008. He chose not to do that and simply came out of the situation as a bigger man. Mr. Ratan Tata let his work speak for himself rather engaging in a verbal duels with his opponents. It is truly an inspiring story for all.