This is India’s first Isuzu V-Cross to get a slide in, pop up caravan set up [Video]

Camping and caravanning culture is slowing picking up pace in India. After the pandemic lockdown, more people have started coming out to explore the outdoors. Many of them have converted their cars into a house with minor changes and there are some who have rented caravans and camper vans for such road trips. We have many workshops spread across the country who excell in doing these types of modifications. Motorhome Adventures is one such workshop that deals in custom made caravan, motorhomes and recreational vehicles. There latest creation is a slide in, pop up caravan set up for pick up trucks.

The video has been shared by Motorhome Adventures on their YouTube channel. In this video, the host talks about all the modifications that the vehicle gets. The slide in pop up caravan set up is one of the latest creation from Motorhome Adventures and this is not exclusive for V-Cross. The same set up can be installed on a Mahindra Bolero pick up and even the recently launched Toyota Hilux. The benefit of slide in caravan set up is that, it is not fixed permanently on the back of the truck. There are retractable legs for the caravan which would allow the user to remove the tent whenever it is not needed.

In the V-Cross however, the owner wanted a permanent set up so, it fixed on the loading bed using heavy duty custom made locks. The whole caravan is made from aluminium alloy which is lighter and sturdy. Other than this, the Isuzu looks stock. The rear gets air suspension so that the truck can handle the weight in a better manner. The caravan itself is painted in gloss black shade which matches with the shade of the truck. There is a 270 degree opening awning. There is a connecter for power, hot water, cold water and city water inlets and also a outside shower in the truck.

This is India’s first Isuzu V-Cross to get a slide in, pop up caravan set up [Video]

There is a foldable step at the back of the truck which would help people easily get in and out. The space management is neatly done on this truck. As soon as we enter, there is a toilet on the left with a folding wash basin in it. Next to the toilet is the kitchen top with facilities like a stove, storage compartments, music system and even a refrigerator. As mentioned above, this is pop up caravan. The roof of the caravan can be lifted to make more space for the occupants inside. There is a small living area which can also be converted into a bed for 2 passengers. Other than this, there is a separate bed that can easily accommodate 2-3 people on it. There is an AC installed on the roof. There are solar panels installed on the roof and there are fabric material used on the pop up section of the roof. The complete set up looks very neat and is convenient as well. The cost of this modification is not mentioned in the video. The price of the modification will change depending on the modification you choose.

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