Owner installs a full mattress setup in his Maruti Jimny! [Video]

India’s automotive landscape has always been abuzz with innovation and creativity, and there is no shortage of people with creative minds in the country. Recently, a YouTube video uploaded by Xreme Moto Adventure caught the attention of adventure enthusiasts and car lovers alike as the couple from the channel demonstrated what can be achieved when Indian people apply their creativity. In the video, the owner of this Maruti Suzuki Jimny, along with his wife, transformed his car’s interior to accommodate a full-size mattress, creating a cozy camping setup.

In the recently uploaded video, the YouTuber and his wife demonstrate the step-by-step process of setting up a full-size mattress inside their Maruti Suzuki Jimny. They begin by opening the rear door of the car and removing the cover, which conceals the wrenches for wheel nuts. Next, the couple embarks on removing the middle seat to make room for the mattress. Initially, they attempt to remove the four bolts from the center, but the process hits a roadblock, prompting them to postpone the task to the next day. The following day, they discover a simpler approach by unbolting the top half of the middle row seats, requiring the removal of only two bolts. This revelation eases the process considerably, making it accessible to more DIY enthusiasts.

Owner installs a full mattress setup in his Maruti Jimny! [Video]

With the middle seats out of the way, they proceed to remove both the top and lower halves of the middle seats, as well as the seat belt holders for the middle seat, which also house electrical connections for sensors. This thoughtful removal ensures a flat and spacious surface to accommodate the mattress. To create a comfortable camping setup, the YouTuber and his wife flatten the front two seats. They bring in a 6-inch single bed from their home, strategically placing it inside the Jimny. To fill any gaps and enhance the coziness, they arrange pillows on the sides. Finally, they cover the bed with a bedsheet, transforming the car into a cozy retreat for their camping adventures.

Owner installs a full mattress setup in his Maruti Jimny! [Video]

While many professional campers resort to custom plywood frames for their cars to accommodate such bed setups, the couple chose a pragmatic approach. They decided not to go to extremes with extensive modifications, yet their setup offers comfort and convenience, proving that with a little creativity, one can enjoy camping in a compact vehicle like the Maruti Suzuki Jimny. After completing the setup, the couple excitedly showcases their new camping arrangement to their mother. Her appreciation highlights the thoughtful effort put into creating a comfortable space inside the car, making it not only practical but also family-approved.

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