This is India’s first Maruti Suzuki Swift painted in a Maserati color [Video]

The first generation of the Maruti Suzuki Swift made its official debut in India in 2005. Immediately, the car resonated with a large number of Indian buyers and became an instant hit in the market. It became so popular that it went on to become the brand’s best-seller for several years and is currently one of the most popular hatchbacks in the country. Recently, a video showcasing the restoration of one such first-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift has been shared on YouTube. This particular Swift has been impeccably restored and repainted in one of the most unique colors in the country.

The video of the restoration of this Maruti Suzuki Swift has been shared on YouTube by Brotomotiv on their channel. Brotomotiv is one of the most popular autobody shops in the country, having its own channel where they share numerous restoration and unique projects. The video begins with one of the shop owners introducing the car and mentioning that they will be fully restoring the car to a brand-new condition, including repainting it in the distinct shade of Azzurro Allegria, an official color from the Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati.

This is India’s first Maruti Suzuki Swift painted in a Maserati color [Video]

Following the introduction, the video shows the car being disassembled at the shop, with technicians removing all the body panels and parts. After this, the other owner of the shop engages in a conversation with the owner of the Swift, inquiring about his first car and his decision to restore this particular Swift. The owner of the car shares that he initially owned a Premier Padmini and later purchased this Swift upon returning from abroad. He explains that he drove this car for a while before going abroad again, during which time his father used the car.

He adds that upon his return, he used the car for some time before his elder son started using it. Now, years later, his younger son, who is turning 18, will be given this car as his first, so he thought it would be fitting to restore it for him. Meanwhile, the car in the background undergoes the process of having its original color stripped off and the dents removed. The shop owner then asks the Swift owner about their decision to opt for the unique color of Azzuro Allegria. In response, he explains that he and his son visited the shop and explored various colors, eventually settling on this particular shade that his son was particularly drawn to.

This is India’s first Maruti Suzuki Swift painted in a Maserati color [Video]

The car, after the dent removal process, moves on to the body filler and sanding stage, where technicians smooth the surface before applying primer. Subsequently, the car enters the paint booth to receive the Azzuro Allegria paint job. Once the car emerges from the paint booth, the owner’s son pays a visit to the shop to see the painted car in person. He expresses his delight, stating that the color turned out even better than he had imagined. After this, the car is reassembled and prepared for delivery. Finally, the car is delivered to the family, and the owner and his son admire the work done on their first-generation Swift.

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