Meet the CRAZIEST Civic: Photo Gallery

Meet the CRAZIEST Civic: Photo Gallery

It’s been more than a couple of years since Honda officially discontinued the Civic sedan in India. The car continues to have a big fan following, especially among enthusiasts and modifiers. Here is one such car that has been put through an extensive range of modifications, so much so that it’s perhaps India’s CRAZIEST looking Honda Civic.

Honda Civic CRZ GT 12

The car in question has been modified by 340 Motoring – Car Energizing Studio, a custom car outfit based at Calicut, Kerala. The Civic gets a long list of visual and performance mods that transform it into something very unique. In fact, this cars looks very different from a stock Civic, so much so that most people won’t be able to recognize it.

Honda Civic CRZ GT 9

The biggest visual changes include the body kit and front bumper, both elements coming together to make the Civic look more squat and low slung. The headlamps are after market units and so are the tail lamps with LED strips. The car also gets a scissor door kit, and a brand new paint job.

Honda Civic CRZ GT 7

It rides on 18 inch deep lip TSW alloy wheels shod with low profile rubber. The suspension has given a once over with TEIN adjustable dampers and springs while a camber kit compensates for the lowered stance. The car also runs a free flow exhaust from Automech and a Simota free flow air filter.

Honda Civic CRZ GT 1

The insides have been given a complete makeover with a custom red-black colour scheme, new seats, a new audio system with upgraded speakers, and Defi gauges. A Webasto sun-roof adds to the luxury quotient while the rear gets a custom bumper to finish things off.

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Images courtesy 360Motoring