This is India’s only Mahindra Bolero fitted with airline-style toilet [Video]

India is a unique country, to say the least, and the people living there are equally distinct. Indians are known for their adaptability to various situations, and the owner of this particular Mahindra Bolero has done something very different. The owner of this seemingly normal Mahindra Bolero has fitted his SUV with an aircraft-type western toilet to suit his needs for long-distance travel. A video showing this unique toilet installation in place of front-facing seats in a Mahindra Bolero has been shared on YouTube by Inform Media.

The video starts with the presenter and the owner of the white Bolero. The owner introduces himself and mentions that he is an electrical consultant, primarily focused on renewable energy. He then states that in his job as a renewable energy consultant, he has to travel to many places to work on wind turbines and solar panels. He adds that he has to travel through many villages and meadows, and hence he chose the perfect SUV, the Mahindra Bolero.

The owner then states that during his long-distance travels, he realized that a toilet is an essential requirement. He mentioned that he had to travel to places where there were no humans in sight and no facilities to use washrooms, so he wanted to get this toilet fitted in his SUV. He added that during COVID, the need for this toilet also increased as it became a health concern.

So he contacted Ojes Automobiles, who have been involved in numerous customization jobs and have even worked on the vehicles of superstars like Mammootty, Prithviraj, and more. Ojes Automobiles is into coachbuilding and caravan customization business. The modification has been incorporated without changing the structure of the vehicle in any way. Also, the cost of this job is about Rs. 65,000.

This is India’s only Mahindra Bolero fitted with airline-style toilet [Video]

After telling the story behind this requirement, he opened the rear door of the Bolero to showcase the unique toilet. He mentioned that it is a fully functional vacuum toilet, similar to those seen on airplanes. The third row of the Mahindra Bolero has been completely removed to make space for the toilet. The western-style seat has been imported to fit sideways in the Bolero.

The owner of the vehicle then demonstrated how there is a button beside the toilet seat that switches on the vacuum motor, which sucks the waste material and water. He also showed that there is a faucet, soap, and sanitizer dispenser for ensuring good hygiene. Furthermore, the owner explained that there are two separate tanks in the Bolero for water management.

He states one tank supplies freshwater, while the other collects wastewater. These tanks are made of GRP coated aluminum that lasts for years. An elaborate 12V electrical system draws power from the vehicle’s battery.  Moving on the outside he then shows that there is a valve underneath the passenger side door which is connected to the waste storage tank which after mixing with chemicals releases the contents outside.

The fitment of this toilet seat in the Mahindra Bolero may seem a little excessive to some people. However, we have to accept the fact that the sanitation practices in the rural India are not great and having this in the vehicle relieves a lot of stress of dealing with unhygienic places. It surely is a convenient feature however it also a bit of a necessity.