This is NOT the new Mahindra Bolero: We explain what it is

Mahindra & Mahindra upcoming line-up is currently a hot topic amongst the enthusiast. The homegrown manufacturer has lined up several SUVs for the Indian market including a handful of all-new models. Mahindra will soon launch the 2021 Bolero too. A picture with the Bolero moniker has been doing rounds on the Internet claiming that it is the all-new Bolero. Is that the truth?

The picture has surfaced online a few days ago and many websites claimed that it is the all-new Bolero. The very same picture is still shared on social media platforms where people are claiming that is the all-new Bolero. But there is no truth in that. The picture that is doing rounds on the Internet is a photoshopped image of a Chinese vehicle.

This is NOT the new Mahindra Bolero:  We explain what it is

The vehicle is BAIC BJ40 that is already on sale in the Chinese market. The BJ40 is touted as the copy of the Jeep Wrangler. Someone must have photoshopped the vehicle and shared it around on the Internet to spread the rumour. The image has become viral on the Internet and many people are sharing it on social media websites claiming it to be to the 2021 Mahindra Bolero.

2021 Mahindra Bolero

This is NOT the new Mahindra Bolero:  We explain what it is

Mahindra updated the Bolero in 2020 when launching the BS6 compliant model. Back then, Mahindra did launch it with a few changes and a few tweaks to make it look updated. However, there were no major changes. For 2021, Mahindra will launch the same vehicle with a few more colour options.

The upcoming 2021 Bolero has already been spotted without any camouflage that reveals all about the vehicle. As we said above, there are no changes to the 2021 Bolero apart from new paint job options. In fact, IAB has already published a rendered image of the 2021 Bolero with the new dual-tone paint job.

The new dual-tone paint job comprises a bright red colour and a contrasting grey colour on the front-end of the car. There are no other changes than the colour option. The Bolero is available with three colour options – white, brown and silver at present. Mahindra only offers the Bolero in single-tone colour options. The dual-tone option is likely to be available in the coming months. Since there is no change in the vehicle, Mahindra may not even announce the launch of the vehicle and we may get to see the new 2021 Bolero in the showrooms in the coming time.

No mechanical changes as well

Since there are no visual changes and Mahindra has already worked to update the Bolero’s engine and make it BS6 compliant, there will not be any mechanical changes in the vehicle as well. Mahindra only offers a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, mHawk75 turbocharged diesel engine with the vehicle.

It produces a maximum power of 75 Bhp and a peak torque of 210 Nm. A five-speed manual transmission is available with the car and as per the ARAI certification, it returns a maximum of 16.7 km/l. Mahindra recently hiked the price of the Bolero too. The highest price hike is Rs 26,000 so it is unlikely that Mahindra will again revise the prices with the arrival of the 2021 model.