This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport, and Maruti wants it for India

Maruti Swift has been the go-to car for many in the mid-size hatchback segment in India. The current generation of Swift was launched in 2005, and after a few facelifts, Maruti will launch the all-new generation of the Swift next year. What’s more? According to ACI, Maruti is also considering the new Swift Sport for the Indian market, and the first picture of the Swift Sport is here.

What’s special here?

This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport, and Maruti wants it for India

Maruti will unveil the all-new Swift at the Auto Expo 2018. The Swift Sport will be the aggressive version of the all-new Swift, similar to Baleno and Baleno RS. The Swift Sport carries a host of changes to differentiate from the regular Swift.

Suzuki has revealed the 5-door version of the vehicle, which may make arrive in the Indian market. The Swift Sport gets a different, sportier grille. The headlamps are the same. However, the bumper has been redesigned for the sports version.

Further, the car also gets all-new alloy wheels, which we may not get in the Indian market. The bumper gets a black splitter, and the hot hatch gets black side skirt too. Suzuki has not revealed the rear of the vehicle, but it may carry a sportier bumper at the rear too. Tail-lamps are expected to remain same.

This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport, and Maruti wants it for India

More power?

Yes, of course! The Swift Sport will get a turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol engine that develops a maximum power of 140 Bhp. The turbocharged engine will be known as Boosterjet, similar to the Baleno RS’ 1.0-litre engine. Unlike the Baleno three-cylinder turbo engine, the 1.4-litre Boosterjet in the Swift Sport will consist of four-cylinders, which means it will be even more smoother.

This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport, and Maruti wants it for India

The all-new Swift has shed a lot of weight. The car is built on the new Heartac platform that also underpins the Maruti Baleno. The current Swift weighs only 890 kg, which will make it immensely fun to drive. Even though many international reviews claim that the new Swift is less engaging from the driver’s point of view than the previous Swift but Suzuki may do a few changes to the Swift Sport. Suzuki is expected to stiffen the chassis, and re-tune the suspension to a stiffer level. The dampers are likely to be updated too. With these changes, the Swift Sport will become fun to drive vehicle.

The all-new Swift Sport will join the league of vehicles like Abarth Punto, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI in India when it is launched. The hot hatchback segment will also see the launch of the cars like Tata Tiago Sport in India.

But when will it be launched?

Suzuki will unveil the Swift Sport at 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show on 12th September. In India, Maruti is expected to showcase the vehicle at the Auto Expo 2018 alongside all-new Swift. The car will launch following the lanch of the regular Swift in India, which is expected to happen somewhere around mid-2018.

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