This is the angriest looking Thar you'll see on Indian roads

This is the angriest looking Thar you’ll see on Indian roads

St. Mary’s Garage  (SMG)of Munnar, Kerala, is known for modifying jeeps from Mahindra, be it the Armada or the latest Thar. Here’s one of SMG’s latest creations – a Mahindra Thar put through the modification process.

SMG Mahindra Thar Custom 6

Cosmetically, this Thar gets a completely redone front end. The Bonnet is a new item and it’s wedge, angular shape makes the Thar unrecognizable, and very, very butch. While the headlamp slots have been retained, the headlamps themselves have been replaced by projectors.

SMG Mahindra Thar Custom 8

The seven slat “Jeep” grille of the Thar makes way for a horizontally-slatted grille while the front bumper is also a custom design that looks way sharper than the tub-like bumper found on the stock vehicle. The custom-built machine also features a winch up front.

SMG Mahindra Thar Custom 9

The fenders also see custom metal work and so do the doors. New, chunkier wing mirrors and a custom roll cage for the rear cabin are a few other changes. The soft top has also been customized to suit the roll cage design.  The SMG Thar runs mud terrain tyres on wider, 8J alloy wheels. The whole vehicle gets a matte black paint job.

SMG Mahindra Thar Custom 7

Changes continue to the rear as well, but this is where the design looks a little overdone. While the bumper looks smart and so does the new position for the spare wheel, the tail lamps are too large, and ungainly. This bit just sticks out and messes the rear of the design. Tail-lamps aside, this Thar is a definite looker.

Images courtesy 4X4India