This is the BSA bike you want Mahindra to build!

Last month, Indian utility vehicle giant Mahindra made news by taking over not one, not two, but three iconic motorcycle brands – BSA, Norton, and Jawa. While Mahindra has announced that it will build and market Jawas for South East Asian markets, it’s been tight-lipped about its plans for the British bike brands BSA and Norton. Meanwhile, here’s a direction that the Indian automaker could possibly take with BSA. We want!

This is the BSA bike you want Mahindra to build!

What is it?

It’s a render, created by Jakusa. It’s essentially a Mahindra Mojo in BSA clothes. The BSA branded bike retains the underpinnings of the Mahindra Mojo 300, and this includes the frame on which it sits on.

Most other cycle parts such as the upside down front forks, the monoshock rear, wheels and brakes also come off the Mojo. Why, even the engine of the Mojo seems to be transplanted as is on the rendered motorcycle, along with the signature, twin barreled exhausts.

So, what’s different?

It helps that the Mojo has relaxed ergonomics that make it more of a tourer than a track focused machine. Jakusa has used the base styling to good effect.

This is the BSA bike you want Mahindra to build!

You have a conventional fuel tank with knee grips, a flat scrambler style seat and a single, round headlamp as the major styling changes. A single-pod instrument cluster, blacked out flanks and redesigned side boxes make the render look like a proper retro machine.

What can Mahindra do with such a bike?

Take on Royal Enfield! Over the past couple of years, Royal Enfield’s been churning out massive profits by building retro-modern motorcycles such as the Classic 350 and 500. And it has no competition currently. Back in the day, BSA was a Royal Enfield competitor, and the former outshone the latter. So, the opportunity is out there, for Mahindra to capitalize on the BSA brand, and resurrect it with a modern-day retro machine.

The Mojo already has a much better engine and cycle parts compared to any other current Royal Enfield motorcycle. So it’s just the matter of putting all these parts into a retro-styled bike, badging it as a BSA and selling it for what it’s worth. Why, KTM’s already up to something similar with the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen, both bikes based on the Duke 390. Why wait, Mahindra?

Render courtesy Jakusa