This is the first reported Tata Hexa crash, 3 weeks after launch

Tata Hexa was only launched last month. The newest vehicle from Tata sold around 1,500 units last month, which sure is a great number to show the popularity of the vehicle. Given the popularity, many prospective customers are taking a test drive of the SUV. Here is such an event where the test drive of the vehicle went horribly wrong and resulted in a devastating crash.

What happened?

This is the first reported Tata Hexa crash, 3 weeks after launch

The car involved in the accident is the top version automatic variant, XTA. The incident took place in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu while a customer was taking a test drive of the vehicle. According to the eyewitness, the prospective customer lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a turn. The speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident is said to be above 100 km/h but from the images it seems that the speed must be lower than that.

The eyewitness also says that the driver must have confused the brake pedal of the vehicle with the accelerator that may have increased the speed substantially before making the vehicle go out of control. The Hexa went through a road-side shop before stopping.

This is the first reported Tata Hexa crash, 3 weeks after launch

The occupants of the vehicle did not suffer any injury at all. Everyone walked away from the accident. The XTA variant of the vehicle comes with six airbags. The frontal crash did open the dual front airbags, which saved the occupants from injuries. From the pictures, we can see that the impact has broken both the front wheels while the vehicle has received substantial damage on the rear right-hand side too.

First line defence

This is the first reported Tata Hexa crash, 3 weeks after launch

Hexa is a pretty well-loaded vehicle when it comes to safety. The top-of-the-line model gets 6-airbags, while the base variant of the vehicle comes with dual airbags as standard. Even though airbags are one of the most important safety features in a vehicle, they fail to work of the occupants are not wearing seatbelts.

Even the safest and most expensive vehicles will fail to save the occupants from injuries if the seatbelts are not fastened. Seatbelts secure the passengers to the seat in the event of an accident. Other safety equipment like airbags further helps the passengers to minimise the impact by forming a softer shield between the passengers and the vehicle.

Even if the car does not feature any airbags, the safety of the passengers is increased by multiple times just by using the seatbelts. The belts also prevent the occupants from being tossed around in the vehicle when it goes out of control.

But why did not the side airbag deploy?

This is the first reported Tata Hexa crash, 3 weeks after launch

We saw discussions on many social media websites arguing about the deployment of the side airbags. Even though the Hexa XTA comes with side airbags, they did not deploy because of the position of the first impact. The vehicle received the first impact from the front. Hence, the front airbags deployed.

Even if a vehicle receives second impact from the side, the airbags would not deploy to save the passengers from injuries that may happen due to opening of the airbags. Such selective opening of airbags also bring down the cost of repairs as airbags do cost a lot.