This is the new Ford Mustang, and it’s coming to India very soon

The Mustang is truly India’s first muscle car. The American vehicle was launched in India last year and has received an overwhelming response. Recently, Ford has unveiled the new Mustang in the international market, and it has received some significant upgrades from the current model. The new Mustang is scheduled to reach the India in 2018 and here are all the changes that the new car will bring with it.



The 2017 Mustang looks little tranquil when compared with the current model. The facelift of the Mustang features a new front grille with a redesigned bonnet with heavy creases. The hood vents are also repositioned on the bonnet. The Mustang also get all-LED headlamp set-up. There is no old school halogen bump in the Stang now, all the lamps including turn signals, fog lights, DRLs, and the main headlamp unit has received LED lights.

The new Mustang also gets new alloy wheels, but nothing else has been changed from the side. The tail lamp cluster has been revised slightly. The muscle car also receives very minute changes to the bumper and the top-of-the-line model, Mustang GT, that we get in India gets quad tip exhaust as standard along with new spoiler.

Ford-Mustang_GT-2018-1280-07 (1)

How is it from inside?


Ford has done a brilliant job in upgrading the Mustang and bringing it to the modern world. The new Mustang will come with all-digital driver console. The 12-inch full LCD screen is similar to the ones we see on newer Audi models. The cluster can be customised according to the needs. The new Mustang will also feature Ford’s new entertainment module, SYNC 3.The new model gets a bigger touch-sensitive coloured screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Connectivity.


The new model gets a larger touch-sensitive coloured screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Connectivity. The new Mustang also gets a more comfortable ride with Magnetic Rie Control or MagneRide system that combines with new shock absorbers, stiffer rear suspension and more aggressive sway bars to provide best ride quality while maintaining the performance of the vehicle. The magnetorheological dampers along with variable exhaust system are optional accessories.



The Indian market thankfully gets only the 5.0-litre V8 powered GT variant. Ford has discontinued the V6 engine of the Mustang. In the international market, the car will continue to offer the 2.7-litre EcoBoost engine too. The V8 engine gets a new fuel-delivery system with direct injection and port system. Ford says that the updated V8 engine can also rev higher, which means more noise in the neighbourhood. The power figures have not been revealed yet.