This is the second Ford Mustang crash in India, and it’s MASSIVE

Another Ford Mustang has gotten into a crash in India, and this time it’s massive. While the first one was more of a fender bender, this is said to be quite serious. The incident happened somewhere in Punjab. A Mustang, said to be driven at high speed, crashed into a Bajaj Discover motorcycle that was allegedly being ridden on the wrong side of the road.

Ford Mustang bike crash 4

Two wheelers being ridden on the wrong way on Indian highways are very common, and are often the cause of many fatal accidents. Initially, reports said that the rider had died, but we can now confirm that he has survived. If the badly mangled Bajaj Discover is of any indication, the impact seems big.

Even the Chandigarh registered Mustang seems to have taken quite a hit. As the images show, the front left hand side of the Mustang has been badly damaged. The windshield too has taken a hit. Perhaps the Bajaj Discover or its rider landed onto the windshield after colliding with the car.

Ford Mustang bike crash 2

The Mustang’s driver airbag has deployed indicating that the driver was belted up at the time of accident. The car could have been at a good speed given the nature of damage.

Ford Mustang bike crash 3

At the moment this is pretty much the information we have about the crash. We’ll update this space as and when more information about this accident surfaces.

Ford Mustang bike crash 1

The Ford Mustang in India

Less than 150 Ford Mustangs have been sold in India. The car went on sale in July last year, and the first 100 cars were snapped up by eager muscle car fans in days. In fact, the craze for this car was so huge that Big Boyz Toyz, a pre-owned luxury car dealer, was selling barely used Mustangs at marked up prices.

Meanwhile, Ford has reopened order books, and the car can be yours for about 80 lakh rupees. The 6th generation car is the first Mustang to be made available in right hand drive form. It’s also India’s only muscle car. It’s built at a solitary production facility at Dearborn, Michigan, from where Ford ships it to markets around the globe.

Images courtesy Whatsapp