Pininfarina-designed Sonalika Evo is the SUV coupe India never got

Sonalika is a brand that is mostly unheard of in the Indian car industry. The company has a strong position when it comes to the Agricultural market (tractors), however their venture to make cars didn’t go very well. The company that once produced the Rhino MPV, also had the intention of brining in a premium SUV into the Indian market.



According to a story by Motown, the company built a SUV crossover coupe, called the Evo which was spotted at the company’s headquarters at Hoshiarpur in Punjab. The vehicle was designed by Italian design firm Pininfarina (now owned by Mahindra group). The company had plans to launch this product way back in 2012, however that project never saw the light of day, sadly.

While there is very little information about this car, one thing must be said that the vehicle is a really good looking one. It has a sloping coupe like roofline, something similar to that on the BMW X6. While this is the concept, it has LED tail lamps and a gloss black strip that joins the two tail lamp clusters. The vehicle wears the Sonalika badge at the center. The rear bumper has been finished in plastic cladding and has dual exhaust pipes on either side.

At the front, the SUV is bulky and has a lot of muscle. The high and almost straight front-end is intimidating and there are large air dams on either side, surrounded by plastic cladding. A closer look shows that the car has projector headlamps. While the product looks nice and has a global touch to it, the company dropped plans of introducing it into the Indian market.


997-3-Sonalika-ICML-Pininfarina-world-car-spotted 997-8-Sonalika-ICML-Pininfarina-world-car-spotted

Back in 2007, the company (ICML) invested Rs 700 crore to expand their tractor manufacturing unit and to help launch an all-new SUV. Out of this 700 crores, 200-250 were being used for the development of the SUV. The SUV was to sit in the Rs 8-10 lakh mark and was to take on the likes of the Renault Duster. No other details on the vehicle were known and sadly, from the looks of it, won’t be known either.

997-5-Sonalika-ICML-Pininfarina-world-car-spotted 997-7-Sonalika-ICML-Pininfarina-world-car-spotted

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