This is the WILDEST Hero Honda Hunk in India: Hardtail bobber mod [Video]

Motorcycle modifications based on the bobber theme have become quite popular in India of late. The reason for it is that the bobber theme can be applied on almost any bike and also looks quite cool while being practical at the same time. Royal Enfields are the most popular donor bikes in the bobber mod category, though we have seen a lot of other bikes being turned into bobbers too. However, the bike you see below started off its life as a Hero Honda Hunk, a popular 150 cc commuter bike. It has been transformed completely and now sports a cool hardtail bobber look. This is probably the first time we are seeing a Hunk modified in such an extensive manner.

The mod job you see here has been done by Ahmedabad based McM Customs, who in past have done several commendable mod jobs. Talking of the Hunk bobber here, almost everything you see on the bike is new, apart from the engine and some other mechanical bits. The Hero Honda Hunk was powered by a 149.2 cc engine that churned out a decent 14.4 Bhp of power along with 12.8 Nm of torque. However, the performance of this bobber would be much better than the stock bike due to lower weight and custom exhaust. Let’s now get to know more about all what has been done on this bike.

Since this one is a hardtail bobber, it means that the rear suspension has been given a miss and the only thing to soothe your posterior while riding are the under-seat springs. The front forks too aren’t your regular telescopic units but are girder forks, which further enhances the aesthetics of the bike. The bike now runs on 18-inch spoked rims up front while the rear gets 15-inch spokes. The headlight and indicators further add to its old school bobber looks.

This is the WILDEST Hero Honda Hunk in India: Hardtail bobber mod [Video]

The handlebars are pretty tall units and are custom made for the bike. The single piece saddle gets a tan shade and the whole bike has been draped in a shade of cyan, which looks decent. The tail light is mounted on a U shaped rod, reminiscent of American Bobber bikes Other bits like the tank, fenders and frame are custom made units and come together to give the bike a classy look.

Another important upgrade made on the bike here is the dual disc brakes up front. the stock Hunk came with a single disc unit and the ones here are not only dual units but also larger. No bike modification is complete with a custom exhaust and this bobber gets one too, finished in black. It sounds decent too and can be heard in the last part of the video above. Overall, this bobber Hunk is a pretty good example of regular commuters being transformed into hot mod bikes and we expect more to come from other modifiers as well.