This is Vladimir Putin's new car and it's a BEAST

This is Vladimir Putin’s new car and it’s a BEAST

Russian president Vladimir Putin is all set to get a brand new car, obviously with heavy armoring considering the various threats he faces to his life. Called the Cortege project, the car has been in development for a few years now and has just successfully completed crash test trials.

Putin will be soon be seen in this car, which has been developed indigenously in Russia. Bosch and Porsche are two companies that have also been involved in this project’s various engineering requirements. The purpose built cars looks quite stately and has the aura of a Rolls Royce – from the snub-nosed front to the sweptail rear.

The car will use a 4.6 liter V8 turbocharged petrol engine from Porsche. This engine produces 592 Bhp of peak power and 880 Nm of peak torque. It gets a 9-speed automatic gearbox developed in Russia. Expect performance despite a very heavy kerb weight that could make the car weigh over 5 tons due to all that armoring.

Talking of armoring, Putin’s new car is expected to be very strong; strong enough to withstand light artillery, grenades and of course bullets. It gets a closed air supply system that will function even in case of chemical attacks, spare blood stored in the boot for any emergency the president may have to face and also run flat tyres that give the car mobility even on flat punctured tyres.

While the interiors of the car haven’t been revealed yet, expect the insides of Putin’s car to have a mix of opulence and functionality, as has been the case with most such limousines that ferry presidents and royalty of the world. President Putin is expected to start using this car from the end of April, when it will be officially delivered to him.

We expect more details to surface once that happens but as is the case with most such high-security cars, the full specifications of the vehicle may never be revealed. Meanwhile, the Cortege car project’s platform will spawn many more cars such as MPVs, saloons and SUVs, which are expected to be used by Russia’s government departments. This is how Russia plans to spread development costs of Putin’s new car.