This is what happens when you own India’s LOUDEST Ferrari [Video]

Even though supercars and sports cars are becoming a common sight in India, they are still not as common as the regular cars. Such exotic cars face the daily dilemma of getting mobbed by the onlookers and here is one such recent incident from Bengaluru.

What has happened here?

The video shows a Ferrari 458 Italia on the streets of Bengaluru with an Innova as a security car. As soon as the car slows down to park in front of a coffee shop, the onlookers around the place quickly come in front of the Ferrari and start clicking pictures. The Ferrari does not get any way to go forward and becomes a silent spectator to the crowd.

It is not only the front of the vehicle but the mob also surrounds the supercar from the rear to click pictures and selfies. A personal security officer (PSO) quickly gets off the Innova to ensure the safety of the vehicle. However, his efforts to move the people away from the vehicle went in vain. People on the road even stop their bikes and scooters to get a glimpse of the red supercar parked at the front of the coffee shop, creating a chaos.

Later, the Ferrari leaves from the spot and the video continues to show that the crowd has not left it alone. People on scooters and bikes can be seen riding dangerously close to the vehicle, which can lead to accidents. It feels like the Ferrari is leading a convoy but that is not the case. It is being bullied and chased by the enthusiasts and many such cases of chasing have led to severe accidents.

The security guards who were travelling in the Innova were also helpless in removing the crowd. Even on empty roads, people chase supercars on bikes and scooters. It sure is an exciting thing to chase and is one of the loudest Ferraris in India.

The owner, Ranjit Sundaramurthy, has an exotic collection of vehicles and was the first Indian to bring a McLaren car to India. The Dubai-based businessman owns a fleet of supercars and is often seen on the Bangalore roads.


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