This is why you should never smoke in the car

Smoking isn’t a bright thing to do as far as your health goes. Smoking in the car? Now, this is a definite no-no, and here’s why.

This is why you should never smoke in the car

Warning – Viewer discretion advised. Video contains graphic content.

What happened here?

A young male sitting in the rear seat of the car tries to light a cigarette. The car’s windows were said to be closed and apparently, a deodorant was sprayed inside the car just before the cigarette was lit. Now, a deodorant is usually flammable. When the fumes of the deodorant meet the flame of the lighter, a potentially explosive situation is created. In this case, that could have happened.

If you still want to smoke in your car , here are some precautions you must take:

1. Keep your windows rolled down so that there’s plenty of fresh air to move out potentially explosive fumes.

2. Turn off any deodorant/deodorizer, and this includes car fresheners that sit on the AC vents.

Via Shifting-Gears