Jeep rod modification in India, hand built lowered Jeep hot road

This Jeep Rod induces serious want!

Okay, I really can’t remember the last time we featured something that is so exciting and so crazy that it’s just too tough to keep my jaw from dropping! Basically, what you see on this page is a Jeep Rod from Hyderabad. Well, a Jeep Rod is nothing but a Jeep that has been modified on the lines of a hot rod. So, you end up having a lowered stance, an exposed engine, and a minimalist approach towards the design and styling.

As you can see in the video above, the owner of this utterly desirable Jeep Rod has built his prized possession based on a Jeep Willy model but used a chassis that has been fabricated using components of the Willys, the Mahindra Bolero, and the Maruti Gypsy. There is a high attention to detail in spite of a bare-basic design. You get WWII aircraft-inspired ‘shark graphics’ near the front wheels, a steering wheel made using piston rods of a Maruti 800 and a drive chain of the Hero Passion, and switches that take inspiration from a fighter aircraft. You also get classy analog gauges.

jeep rod hyderabad image

Now, let’s come to the best part of this build. Powering this Jeep Rod is a six-cylinder petrol engine that comes from the 1st-generation, wait-for-it, Toyota Supra! Yes, we kid you not; the modified Willy Ford jeep you see here actually gets its juice from the JZA70 six-cylinder carbureted engine from the Toyota Supra. It comes mated to an automatic transmission. This high-strung motor produced 280 PS for the first-gen Toyota Supra. For this Jeep Rod, however, the engine is currently running in a lower state of tune. That said, the owner plans to bump up the power output once he has a performance-tuned carb setup and a better-tuned suspension. This Jeep Rod’s engine already benefits from a cold air intake and a sports muffler.

jeep rod hyderabad image

The car has a low ground clearance, which further helps it validate the hotrod credentials. It uses the Bolero’s wheel hubs. Talking about the wheels, the same have been shod with mammoth 33-inch Yokohama Geolander tires that are available on order. While this truly sassy set of wheels is already road-worthy, there is still some fine-tuning that’s required to fully exploit the potential of that Supra-sourced engine. Well, we really can’t stop drooling at this creation. This is definitely among the best Jeep Rod builds we’ve seen in India. What do you think?