This, Ladies & Gentlemen, is the 2016 Skoda Superb’s Derriere

The 2016 Superb is supposed to make its debut early next year with a public showcasing to happen at the Geneva Motor Show of 2015. This is the future tense. Cut the present, Skoda has left little to imagination, releasing sketch after sketch of its upcoming flagship, the 3rd generation Superb luxury saloon. Even as CarToq’s rendering artist works on giving the sketches of the 2016 Superb a real life look and feel, Skoda has gone ahead to unveil the derriere of the car by means of a new sketch. Without further ado, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the 2016 Skoda Superb’s derriere, and we like it.

This, Ladies & Gentlemen, is the 2016 Skoda Superb’s Derriere

The Vision C design concept that Skoda showcased earlier is the basis of the 2016 Superb and the Czech automaker’s designers seem to have done a mighty good job, at least gauging from what the released sketches have to show. The 2016 Superb will share the MQB platform with the 2015 Passat sedan, along with the new range of turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines meant to work with the new platform.

This is how the front of the 2016 Superb looks like

This also means that the naturally aspirated and thirsty 3.5 Liter V6 motor will be put onto a one way street to retirement. 6 speed manual and twin clutch automatic gearboxes in 6 and 7 speeds will make it to the 2016 Superb. Specific to the market where the car is sold, front wheel drive and all wheel drive layouts will be offered. With the 2016 Superb, Skoda has stuck to a length under 5 meters.

The 2015 Passat will precede the 2016 Superb into India, with the latter likely to bow into the country in late 2015 or early 2016

However, the dimensions of the car see a bump up when compared with the outgoing model to liberate more room for the luxury saloon’s passengers, underlining the limousine like look and feel that the Superb has always stood for. In terms of features and comforts, expect the 2016 Superb to debut a bunch of stuff hitherto unseen in previous Skoda cars. The car will come in two flavours – Saloon and Station Wagon, with the latter meant mainly for the European market.