This Lamborghini Centenario is actually a modified Honda Civic sedan [Video]

Recently, there has been a notable increase in the number of supercars in India. While many people are purchasing and registering these luxury vehicles within the country, there is also a group of enthusiasts importing such expensive cars and SUVs via Carnet. For those who can’t afford to buy a genuine high-end sports car, several workshops offer services to convert regular-looking sedans into sporty replicas. There have been several instances of modified cars resembling famous brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. In this case, there’s a video showcasing a Honda Civic that has been transformed to resemble a Lamborghini Centenario.

The video was uploaded by Magneto 11 on their YouTube channel. The vlogger showcases a custom-made Lamborghini Centenario supercar. However, specific details about the car are not mentioned in the video. Nevertheless, it appears to be located somewhere in Rajasthan, India. The car convincingly imitates the appearance of a Lamborghini Centenario while being based on a Honda Civic sedan, a popular choice for such modifications due to its adaptability as a sports car platform. Additionally, some people even opt for the Honda Accord sedan for similar projects.

The front end of the car has undergone a complete Lamborghini-inspired transformation. Custom LED projector headlamps and Lamborghini logo on the bonnet enhance the look. There are also two air scoops on the bonnet. The front bumper has been entirely redesigned to resemble the Centenario’s. On the side profile, the replica boasts large wheel arches and custom-made fenders with blacked-out aftermarket alloy wheels for a striking contrast. The side profile design draws inspiration from the original Centenario, and the scissor doors, popular among Lamborghini fans, have been incorporated into this replica. Even the ORVMs resemble custom-made units.

This Lamborghini Centenario is actually a modified Honda Civic sedan [Video]
Lamborghini replica

The workshop took advantage of the Honda Civic’s low-slung design and added a custom skirting to create a lowered appearance. Moving to the rear, a dummy engine bay is visible, as the Honda Civic is a front-engine front-wheel-drive car. The car features a hardtop convertible, and the video demonstrates how the roof can be raised from the rear, which operates electrically. The rear of the car has also been designed to emulate the Lamborghini style. The interior of the car has not been neglected either, with modifications including a redesigned center console housing two large touchscreen infotainment systems. The dashboard design remains the same, but the color theme has been altered. Additionally, the exhaust has been modified to give the car a sporty touch. The whole car has been finished in a Lamborghini Orange shade which looks sporty.

The video does not mention anything about the engine on this car. It looks like the engine has not been modified and the car is still using the stock Civic engine. It also fails to mention details like the time taken to finish this project and also the amount owner had to spent on this particular project. It should be noted that this type of modifications are completely illegal in India and cops can actually seize the vehicle and impose a fine for alteration.