This little device will make your car sound like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or even a Mustang [Video]

Have you ever dreamt of hearing the roaring exhaust sounds of V8s and V10s in your ordinary hatchback or sedan, without the need for an aftermarket exhaust or tampering with its mechanicals? Well, it seems there might be a solution available. A unique electronic device called “Wrumer” has come to our attention, promising to make your car sound like an exotic supercar with a V8 or even V12 engine.


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In an Instagram video shared by “beebomco,” the presenter showcases how a regular Maruti Suzuki Baleno can sound like an Italian V10 or a British V12 supercar using this device. The fascinating part is that any car can replicate the sound of an exotic supercar without any modifications to its electronic or mechanical components.

To use the Wrumer, simply plug it into the OBD port of your car. Then, open the “Wrumer” app installed on your smartphone and connect it to the USB port of your vehicle. The app offers various options, allowing your car to sound like a German V8, a British V12, an Italian V10, and more.

This little device will make your car sound like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or even a Mustang [Video]

The most exciting feature of this application is the ability to select turbocharger whistles and high-revving supercar backfires. Additionally, you can even choose random sounds like lawnmower, spaceship, tractor, and aeroplane. It’s worth noting that all these sounds are electronically generated and emanate from the speakers inside your car, not the exhaust port.

The great news is that since these sounds are confined to the cabin and don’t alter the actual exhaust, using this device is completely legal. Moreover, the sounds are synchronized with the real-time RPM of your car, making them more realistic than other electronic devices.

The Wrumer package includes the main device and a universal AUX to USB-C + lightning cable, costing around 34.90 Euros (approximately Rs 3,100). You can buy the device through this link. The presenter claims that Wrumer is compatible with all cars featuring OBD2 ports located below the steering wheel. However, there is no guarantee that this device won’t impact your car’s electronics in the long run, so some caution is advised before use.

Many electric vehicles do it

Many electric car and two-wheeler manufacturers have similar options as standard in their vehicles. In fact, a few manufacturers add fake sounds to make other motorists and pedestrians aware of the location of the electric vehicles as they are completely silent. In India, Revolt introduced a motorcycle with similar fake sounds. Renowned manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Hyundai and many others offer artificial sounds with their electric cars. In fact, BMW updated the sound of its performance cars M3 and M4 through an OTA update in 2021.

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