This Mahindra Thar customisation is worth Rs 8 lakh [Video]

As a lifestyle vehicle, the new Mahinda Thar has touched new heights by making more people adopt the culture of owning an off-road SUV as their primary vehicle. And that’s not all, most of the Thar owners go the extra mile and customize their Thars to make them look visually more appealing. While some of the customization works are restricted to the installation of new lights and grille, some Thar owners fully modify their vehicles. We have come across a fully-customized Mahindra Thar from the latter category, which is one of the most attention-grabbing versions of the SUV we have ever seen. The details of this fully-customized Mahindra Thar are explained in a video from the YouTube channel of Her Garage.

The Mahindra Thar here is finished in a custom shade of Beige, which is not available in the stock Thar’s lineup. On the roof, above the front windshield, the Thar here gets after-market white LED auxiliary lights, which feature different glowing patterns. The bonnet is also custom-made here, which is made up of fibre and accommodates black coloured faux air vents with a faux hood scoop in the middle of them.

A new face as well

This Mahindra Thar customisation is worth Rs 8 lakh [Video]

Other noteworthy changes to the front profile include a four-slat custom grille and a custom front bumper with an integrated bull bar, both of which are finished in a textured paint theme of black. While the grille accommodates LED headlamps with configurable LED daytime running lamps in place of halogen headlamps of the stock version, the custom off-road front grille comes integrated with after-market rounded LED fog lamps. The fenders also come with after-market LED dynamic turn indicators. The front bumper has a centrally-placed metal bash plate finished in the same shade of beige as the rest of the vehicle.

The side profile of this customized Mahindra Thar looks butch, and the major credit for this enhanced visual appeal goes to the off-road spec 285/60 R18 tyres from BF Goodrich wrapped over after-market 18-inch black alloy wheels. The rearview mirrors here get faux carbon fibre treatment. The textured scratch-proof black paint done on the front grille and bumper is further carried out on the roof, wheel arch mouldings, side body claddings, A-pillar garnish and 4×4 badges. At the back, this Thar gets gloss-black protectors around the tail lamps which get a smoked effect and Akrapovic exhaust tips.

The cabin of this customized Mahindra Thar gets a dual-tone black and red treatment. While it retains the original black layout for the cabin, the seats, front centre armrest and door panels get a red-coloured faux leather treatment. The red accents are further carried out on the sides of the centre console, custom grab handles on pillars, and stitching on the steering wheel and foot pedals.

The cabin also gets faux carbon fibre treatments at various places, such as door panels, steering wheel, co-passenger grab rail, lower centre console and surrounds for the instrument console, transmission lever inside door handles and AC vents. The rear seats of this Thar are customized with side-mounted armrests with storage spaces, 12V charging sockets and cup holders on either side.

The entire cost of modification of this Mahindra Thar is around Rs 8 lakh, which is a large amount but has transformed this Thar into an altogether different and more aggressive-looking off-road vehicle.

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