This man has not changed his scooter and car for 40 years [Video]

While many people do praise the genuineness and simplicity of old-school cars and two-wheelers, there are very few people who have the patience, time and attachment required for maintaining one. Thankfully, many people in India are still maintaining and using vintage cars, motorcycles and scooters in pristine condition, like this man from Kerala, who has been using and driving an older-generation car and scooter for more than 40 years now.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Baiju N Nair, we came across a man from Kerala named Dayanandan, who has been owning and using a Premier Padmini and a Bajaj Super scooter for more than 40 years now. Not only this, but he has been using these two vehicles as his daily drivers. While Dayanandan might have retired as a previous central government employee, it looks like his vehicles have refused to retire yet, and are still running in fine condition.

While talking about his Premier Padmini, Dayanandan explains that he purchased the Premier Padmini when he was working for the government, despite having access to using official vehicles as part of his job. Since the day he bought the Padmini, he has been using this car at all the places across India wherever he was posted. While his car was registered in Delhi at the time of purchase, he re-registered this car in Kerala, once he settled here after his retirement. It is the only car which he has purchased and owned in his entire life.

Padmini repainted

This man has not changed his scooter and car for 40 years [Video]

After getting it to Kerala from Delhi, Dayanandan got the car repainted in a dual-tone shade of green and white and got new seat covers for it. Apart from these two changes, the Premier Padmini owned by Dayanandan is the same car which came out of the factory. While it misses out on modern essentials like power steering, power windows and AC, Dayanandan is using it happily for its old-world charm.

Dayanandan also talks about his Bajaj Super scooter, which he had bought when he was once posted in Bhutan. When he got transferred to Assam, he transferred the scooter from Bhutan to Assam and re-registered here. He also used this scooter in Delhi, before permanently shifting to Kerala. Dayanandan claims that he has been using this scooter for more than 35 years now, and like his Premier Padmini, he got his scooter repainted, though in a different shade of white.

Delhi residents not allowed to keep old vehicles

The rule of the National Green Tribunal states that the use of 10-year old diesel-powered and 15-year old petrol-powered cars is not allowed in New Delhi. To ensure that this rule is strictly followed, all the registering authorities and RTO offices in New Delhi can issue a no-objection certificate (NOC) for the transfer of such older vehicles to other states, where this rule is not in effect as of now.

Delhi’s growing air pollution was the primary reason to bring in the scrapping rule in 2018. On 29th October 2018, the Supreme Court of India prohibited plying of any 10-year old diesel vehicle and 15-year old petrol vehicle on public roads.

The court described the air pollution situation as very critical and directed the transport department to impound any old vehicle found plying on the public roads. There is a comprehensive list of all 10-year old diesel and 15-year old petrol vehicles on the website of the Delhi Transport Department. The department has also started impounding 15-year-old vehicles from the public roads.

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