Bus driver Santosh Shimikar found himself in a very precarious position in Mumbai, on a speeding Maruti Suzuki Swift’s bonnet. How, and why did he get there? Two words, road rage.

Road Rage Mumbai


The bus driver wasn’t the one whose rage exploded in such dramatic fashion. Rather, the driver of the Maruti Swift, Abdul Rashid Ansari, simply lost his cool. Here’s how it all panned out. Before that, watch the chilling footage of the speeding Swift with the bus driver hanging onto dear life.

The incident started with a fight between Volvo bus driver by Santosh Shimikar and Maruti Swift driver Abdul Rashid Ansari following an minor incident on the road. The ensuing fracas resulted in Abdul Rashid Ansari exploding, and the man went on to vent his anger on the Volvo bus’ windshield with a cricket bat.

After smashing the Volvo bus’ windshield, Ansari tried to scoot off. The driver of the bus, Shimikar, would have none of it. He climbed onto the bonnet of the Swift, in a bid to stop Ansari from getting away. An uncaring Ansari just gunned the Swift, leaving Shimikar perched onto the bonnet of the Maruti Swift for nearly 300 meters, before falling off.

A policeman manning the traffic junction and a woman passerby who alerted the cop tried to wave down the car, but to no avail. The bus driver was left with injuries to his head and legs, but has fortunately survived to tell the tale. The entire incident was caught on CCTV, which helped the Mumbai police track down the driver of the Swift, who was arrested. Moral of the story? Road rage can kill. When on the road, leave your ego behind.

Here are more videos showing road rage on Indian roads


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  1. Apparently, you need a kungfu black belt before you get a driving license to drive on our roads now.
    Jokes apart though, this is really a serious concern. We need to keep calm, and more importantly, learn to drive properly. We have no respect for pedestrians, no respect for other drivers. Changing and cutting lanes, and having a massive ego is all that we do.

  2. I have seen a similar situation when a car driver had a fight with a pedestrian. I am not sure how it started, but when I reached the guy was arguing with the driver. All of a sudden the driver caught hold of the guys collar and started driving pilling him along. Most of the other people there were in cars and were not able to overtake as it was a narrow road. I was on a bike and overtook him and stopped my bike. He released the guy but the moment he realised that other drivers from other cars are getting down he panicked and charged towards me. I hadn’t switched my bike off so managed to move out of his way.
    And all this when he has a 3-4 year old sitting in the passenger seat.
    I had the cars number written and told the guy there. He was not injured as his feet were dragging and he was wearing boots. But he was in a state of shock to react.
    I wonder how a short rage of anger makes the man want to kill someone. If he had left the guys collar while driving the guy would have landed behind the rear wheel.
    The sad part is I believe the guy got away with this.

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