This Maruti Swift hatchback gets modifications worth Rs 2.5 lakh [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Swift is a popular hatchback in its segment. It has been on sale for over 15 years and the manufacturer has made necessary changes to the car time to time to retain buyer interest. It is one of those models that actually popularised car modification in India. We have seen several videos and images of neatly and tastefully modified Swift hatchbacks from different parts of the country. Maruti Swift is one of those vehicle that is loved by buyers from both family and young group. Here we have one such video of a Maruti Swift that gets modifications worth Rs 2.5 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445 on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger starts with vlogger introducing the owner of the Maruti Swift that is featured in the video. In this video, owner takes the vlogger through each and every modification that has been done to the car. He starts with the front. The halogen headlamps on the Swift has been replaced with aftermarket LED units and he also installed an aftermarket accessory. He has removed Suzuki logo and branding from the rear. Other than this, he also got installed sun films on windshield and windows (it should be noted that sun films are illegal).

The main modification done to the exterior of this hatchback is the wheel. The owner had replaced the stock steel rims immediately after buying the car last year. He installed 18 inch aftermarket alloys for some time and then upgraded to 20 inch alloy wheels. The wheels do not belong to any particular brand and same is the case with the tyres. This is also something that we don’t recommend. Large 20 inch alloy wheels may look good on the vehicle but, it completely ruins the ride quality especially when it riding on low profile tyres. The other issue is the quality of the wheels and tyres. The owner mentions that he has opted for a branded wheel and tyres. We recently saw a report of Fortuner getting into an accident after the local alloy wheels in it broke.

This Maruti Swift hatchback gets modifications worth Rs 2.5 lakh [Video]

The inner portion of the wheels get LED strips which blink when turn indicators are engaged. Other than this, the owner has kept the exterior almost stock. He mentions that there is a possibility that in future he might upgrade the headlight for a projector unit. Moving in, more modifications are revealed. He has replaced the fabric seats on Swift with custom made aftermarket seat covers. The tan colour seat covers and door pads give the car a premium look. There are tweeters installed on the dashboard and the speakers on all four doors have also been upgraded.

Owner then opens the boot to showcase the woofer placed in it. It is neatly placed in a custom box and amplifiers are also installed in it. The audio system in this Maruti Swift is extremely powerful. It is so powerful that the window can be seen shaking when the audio is placed. The owner of this Maruti Swift has spent around Rs 2.5 lakh for the modification alone on this hatchback.

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