This Suzuki van with a 1250cc superbike engine is insanely fast [Video]

Maruti Supercarry (Omni) modified with superbike engine

The Maruti Suzuki Omni is one of the most iconic vehicles ever sold in the country. This mini caravan gained a lot of popularity among families in India and was one of Maruti Suzuki’s best-selling vehicles until 2019. Sadly, it was discontinued after 35 years of service to the Indo-Japanese brand. The same fate befell its predecessor, which was sold as the Supercarry in the international market. However, despite being discontinued, some people still own these small vans. Recently, a video of a fully customized Suzuki Supercarry fitted with a Suzuki GSXF superbike 1250cc engine has been shared online.

The video of this Frankenstein Suzuki Supercarry was shared on YouTube by Calvins Car Diary on their channel. It starts with the presenter introducing the fully custom-built Suzuki Supercarry equipped with a GSXF 1250cc engine and its owner. The presenter then asks the owner how long he has owned this vehicle, and he replies that he has owned this Supercarry for the last 8-9 years. He mentions that he bought the vehicle with this superbike engine already fitted by its previous owner. The current owner then reveals that after he bought the vehicle, he had to sort out a few things like the interior and other components to get it back on the road. He stated that the car ran at the time he bought it.

This Suzuki van with a 1250cc superbike engine is insanely fast [Video]

Following this, the presenter asks about the unique color of the car, to which the owner replies that it was painted in this Rizla Blue color when he bought it. Moving on, he opens the rear hatch of the van and shows the presenter the mini moto bike strapped in the rear. He mentions that this is just a showpiece and it does not run. He added that he added it just for fun, to match the Supercarry and the mini bike strapped inside it. The presenter then asks the owner about the engine of the bike, to which he replies that it has been fitted with a 1250cc Suzuki GSXF engine, producing around 120-150 hp.

The presenter then shows another very unique element of this car, which is its fuel tank. The owner mentions that the fuel tank has been taken directly from the original bike and bolted onto the van’s rear. He added that doing this was very unconventional, but it made a lot of sense because it already had all the wiring loom and the fuel pump. The presenter then shows the engine of the bike, and after that, the owner and presenter both go for a spin in the Supercarry.

This Suzuki van with a 1250cc superbike engine is insanely fast [Video]

Before the drive, the owner of the van mentions that he has fitted Sparco racing seats and a custom steering wheel in the interior. He also adds that he has added a sequential gearbox for shifting gears. Moving on, they both go for a joyride, and in the video, the owner and presenter can be seen enjoying a spirited driving session in this fun little custom Suzuki Supercarry.