This MASSIVE 74 wheel truck took 1 year to reach Kerala from Maharashtra: Here’s why [Video]

Have you ever been waiting for your shipment and you think it is taking too long? This shipment from Nashik, Maharashtra to Vattiyoorkavi, Kerala is taking more than a year to reach. The truck carrying this aerospace autoclave left Nashik in July 2019 and is yet to reach its destination. Here’s why.

Here is a Volvo FM12 truck that is pulling a massive cargo that weighs 70 tonnes. The machinery, which is an autoclave was manufactured in Nashik, Maharashtra and left for Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Kerala last year. Since then, the truck is pulling the cargo and is yet to reach its destination. The truck is pulling the giant cargo on a 74 wheel trolley and because of its massive size, it moves only about 5 km every day on an average.

The machinery has a height of 7.5 metres and is 6.65 meters wide. Due to its enormous weight and size, it almost covered all of the road space. To ensure that the motorists are safe when the truck is moving, the vehicular movement is stopped completely. Even the cops provide it with a pilot car when moving through the cities.

The distance between Nashik and Vattiyoorkavu is about 1,700 km. A regular truck can cover it in a week or so. However, since this cargo is massive and cannot be dismantled for shipping, the vehicle carrying it has to be extra careful. In fact, at many places, trees have to be cut and even electric lines have to be disconnected before it moves. The truck crew check the way ahead and inform the authorities about any requirement to remove high tension wires. The electricity board then takes necessary action to ensure the safe passage of the truck.

There are about 32 people on this truck who manage the whole operation. Since the truck moves so slowly on the road, most of these crewmembers walk alongside the truck to check if the cargo is safe and is not hitting any other thing while moving. The machine is entered the Kerala state earlier this month and expected to reach its destination by in the next few days. It will be commissioned by the end of this month as per the authorities in the space centre.

Now coming to the truck, it is a torque monster. This is the Volvo FM series truck that gets a low cab in front. There are quite a few engine options available in this model. The lower performance engine is of 10,800cc and generates a maximum of 450 Bhp and 2,150 Nm of torque. The higher-powered variants get a massive 12,800cc engine that can generate up to 500 Bhp and 2,500 Nm! All the trucks come with the 12-speed automatic i-Shift transmission that can detect the demand for torque and intelligently shifts into the right gear.