This mini Willys build from scrap material runs on a Bajaj Pulsar 180 engine

We have seen several videos where vloggers have made miniature models of cars and SUVs that they absolutely love. Some of them have been featured on our website as well. When we think of Jeeps, Willys is one of the SUV that has a large fan base around the world. We have several well kept examples of Willys in India. Here we have a video where a 21 year old boy from Kerala has build a working mini model of a Willys Jeep that uses a Bajaj Pulsar 180 engine.

The video has been shared by Madhurification Hangout on their Facebook page. In this video, vlogger introduces Arun, who is from Kerala’s Kannur district. Arun is working at a scrap yard and has a passion for vehicles. The mini Willys Jeep seen above in the video is his latest creation. What makes this Jeep special is that, most of the parts used in this project were actually scrap.

Arun mentions that, the chassis of the Jeep was made from scratch. He used metal pipes for this purpose. He also used metal sheets to build the body and acrylic sheet is being used as the windshield on this Jeep. Arun was successful in shaping or designing it like a Willys. As mentioned above, the Jeep uses several scrap materials in it. For example the front suspension and wheels are from a Tata Nano. The steel rims on Tata Nano were cut from the center and was welded using metal sheets to make it a wider rim.

This mini Willys build from scrap material runs on a Bajaj Pulsar 180 engine

Similar treatment was done for rear wheels as well but, they are from a Maruti 800. The wider rims give tyre a wider look as well. The Jeep has a soft top which can be folded back to the rear of the car within minutes. The headlights are led and it even has a turn indicators and reverse parking sensors.

This is a rear wheel drive SUV and the drive train has been borrowed from a Maruti Omni. The axle shaft has been slightly cut to reduce the width of the car. Powering this mini Willys is an engine from an old Bajaj Pulsar 180 motorcycle. Another interesting this about this miniature is that, it has two gearboxes. There is a 5-speed gearbox of Bajaj Pulsar and also a 5-speed gearbox from Maruti Omni. In total, it has 10 gears including reverse. According to the video, this combination generates ample amount of torque to climb even the steepest surfaces.

under the bonnet, battery, custom made petrol tank, engine and gearbox are all placed. The seats on this Jeep are custom made and Arun has also attached a loud aftermarket exhaust. Vlogger and Arun they both drove the Jeep and can be seen having fun with the mini Jeep. Arun mentions in the video that, it took him around 2 months to complete this project. He also mentions that, he utilised scrap material for this project but, he has proper resources, then he can easily make something even better. Overall cost of making this mini Willys was around Rs 70,000.